Full House
Full House
A Sense of Purpose
Season 4, episode 3
Sense of Purpose-dj-becky.jpg
Air date December 14, 2018
Writer(s) Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes
Director Linda Mendoza
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A Sense of Purpose is episode three in season four of Fuller House.


With a baby on the way, Stephanie starts thinking like a provider. Matthew Harmon and D.J. try to bust each other's businesses with Matt still reeling over their breakup.

When Danny struggles with his retirement and is bothering the household, he ponders going back to work. After Danny resolves D.J. and Matt's dispute, he gets his old job back at Wake Up, San Francisco, with help from Becky. Finally, he announces that he rented a duplex nearby and he is moving out at the end of the month. When Jackson decides he wants to be good at something he discovers a talent for kicking a football.


  • Becky mentions Andrew Gottlieb (who was a Fuller House crew member during season 1) will be appearing on Wake Up, San Francisco.