A Tommy Tale
Season 3, episode 13
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Air date December 22, 2017
Writer(s) Marsh McCall
Director Christian Jensen
Previous Fast Times at Bayview High
Next Surrogate City

A Tommy Tale is episode thirteen in season three of Fuller House.


Jackson and Ramona participate in a Pioneer Play at their school. However, to make sure they're really in the right time period, Kimmy and D.J. ask the kids to hand over all modern items... including tech stuff and, in Jackson's case, a bag of Doritos (see Quotes). The kids, in turn, challenge the ladies to go tech-free for the entire day (just like them). But the challenge ends up going from hi-tech to lo-tech in a matter of minutes and even Stephanie gets in on the action (see Quotes).

And due to the confiscation of their devices, Jackson and Ramona end up not making it to school without technology to help tell time and find directions. They eventually end up panhandling for money by singing and dancing until being detained by a police officer who mistakes them for Amish children.

As this happens, D.J. attempts to make Tommy appear smart and coming from a good household to get him into a prestigious preschool. However, she remains in denial when the representative tells her Tommy is behind on his speech and that if he can catch up using a speech therapist, he can be accepted in the Spring and takes the representative's criticisms as an insult, vowing to take Tommy to a different preschool instead. Stephanie helps D.J. realize that Tommy is behind where Max and Jackson were at his age.

Max is sick with a flu on the day he is supposed to give a report on Ancient Rome. He tries various attempts to sneak off to school and give his report such as trying to bribe Stephanie with cash and having Cosmo pose as him in bed, not wanting to be upstaged by Taylor. Stephanie helps him be able to give the report by streaming it for his class from her tablet.


[After Kimmy finds another tech device under Ramona's bonnet...]
D.J.: [to Jackson] You too, Davy Crockett. [going through his coonskin cap to ensure all his modern stuff is gone, but voila...] I don't think pioneer kids were eating Doritos.
Jackson: How do you know? You weren't there. Or maybe you were.
Kimmy: [looking at her phone] OMG! Look at this cat flushing a toilet! [As she and her best friend watch the video, the kids rush over.] Ah, ah, ah! There were no toilet-flushing kitties in the frontier. [As expected, the kids pout.] One day without your phone isn't gonna kill you.
Ramona: [scoffs] Oh yeah? I'd like to see you unplug for the day. [And with the gauntlet thrown, the challenge's answered.]

[Later, during the challenge...]
D.J.: Tommy's doing great... and so am I. Emily gave me three stars today. Two for being cute and one for being quiet. [But when she sees her best friend using a mallet to whack a huge wood block with hard candy on it, this begs the question...] What are you doing?
Kimmy: Playing Candy Crush.
D.J.: Oh, I see. You don't miss your phone at all.
Kimmy: [writes something down on a Post-It note and giving it to her best friend] Ding! [a.k.a. the text sound]
D.J.: What's this?
Kimmy: A prehistoric text.
D.J.: [reading the "text"] "Give me my phone back or else!" Delete [by crumbling it up and returning it]. Hey, I have to go back to Tommy, and you... [notices her best friend holding a placemat up in front of her face] What are you doing?
Kimmy: I'm blocking you. [follows her out the door with the placemat still up, then walks back to the kitchen] And now I'm unfollowing you. [...] [Then, after Kimmy gets her phone back, Stephanie walks downstairs.] Steph! You haven't accepted my friend request!
Stephanie: It's been a busy two years.

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