Best Summer Ever
Season 3, episode 1
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Rich Correll
Previous Happy New Year Baby
Next Break a Leg

Best Summer Ever is the season three premiere of Fuller House.


It's the first day of summer (in the school year), and Max wakes to a rousing two-and-a-half-minute musical number featuring the entire house: Jackson, Ramona, Tommy, Stephanie, D.J., Kimmy, Cosmo Jr. Jr. Jr., Fernando, Jimmy (dressed as Superman), and Steve (dressed as a carrot-eating rabbit). Of course, it's just a dream.

Steve and C.J. announce they are getting married at the end of the summer in Japan where C.J.'s stepfather (who has generously agreed to pay for the wedding) lives.

Jimmy is forced to park his RV at Costco after D.J. has the city post "no overnight parking" signs in front of her house. At first, security guard Morris allows Jimmy (who is living off free samples) to stay there, but then tells him he has to actually buy something or leave the property.

Even though Jackson passed history last semester (with a D-), D.J. insists he go to summer school to improve his grade. Jackson is understandably reluctant, but goes.

There, he meets Rocki (real name Roxanne), who turns out to be Gia Mahan's daughter, and his summer school teacher, Mr. Byenberg. When he falls asleep, Rocky draws cat whiskers and more on his face (and a tulip on the small of his back, because his "crack was showing").

Fernando acts suspiciously, making Kimmy wonder what he's up to. Later, Stephanie sees Fernando meeting a mysterious blonde woman in the Costco, and thinks he's cheating. Stephanie is unable to convince Kimmy that Fernando is cheating until he walks in with the blonde woman.

It turns out the woman is Debbie Gold, a realtor, and Fernando has bought the old Gibbler house next door, hoping that Kimmy and Ramona will move in with him. Kimmy refuses, but Jimmy, needing a place to live, moves in with Fernando instead.

Hoping to spend more romantic time with Matt, D.J. wears a hot red dress to work. However, a customer (Mrs Hathaway) interrupts their romantic overtures, and Matt and D.J. discuss their relationship instead. Matt says "I love you" for the first time, and D.J. responds in kind.


  • Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie) broke her leg before the start of filming and wears a visible cast in several future episodes, but, in this episode, the cast remains out of view: she is shown only seated (even during the big musical number), and once leaning from a doorway, so we never see her cast
  • Max breaks the fourth wall during the musical number, inviting the audience to come along with him
  • After Gia leaves, D.J. locks the door "for the first time ever"
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