Break a Leg
Season 3, episode 2
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Boyd Hale
Director Rich Correll
Previous Best Summer Ever
Next Declarations of Independence

Break a Leg is episode two in season three of Fuller House.


Stephanie borrows D.J.'s car to become an Uber driver named Ilsa, but her cover is exposed when D.J. becomes her customer. After the Spotify check for her song "The Boy Next Door" turns out to be only $3.35 (for 50,000 streams), Stephanie admits she has financial and other life problems, and D.J. offers to be her life coach.

D.J. then reveals she's been working on plans for "Fixing Stephanie" (the name of a large scrapbook she created for that purpose) since high school. Stephanie is less enthusiastic about D.J.'s help after she breaks her ankle during D.J.'s first suggested activity: a two-mile "fun run".

Later, when Stephanie falters and thinks she'll never be as "perfect" as D.J., D.J. admits she doesn't feel perfect and worries she's not doing enough to help her friends and family. Stephanie then "reverse coaches" D.J., helping her understand that she needs to take care of herself in addition to taking care of others.

Max has a pool party in a baby swimming pool, inviting his "lady" Rose (Tommy also attends and Ramona babysits). Taylor crashes the party, insults Max, and tries to bribe Rose with his larger above-ground pool. He also lets Max know that Rose was his first girlfriend in kindergarten, and that she even made him a hand turkey. Rose chooses to remain loyal to Max, but Max thinks she deserves more.

Later, Max gives Rose more by renting a water slide with his birthday money, and Rose makes him his-and-her hand turkeys in return, leading Taylor to admit that Max has won the battle, "but not the war".

Kimmy wants to be Steve and C.J.'s wedding planner, even though the wedding is being held in Japan. Bribing Ramona with a trip to Japan, the two put on an elaborate (though not error-free) presentation for Steve, convincing him to use Gibbler Style (tm) Party Planning for his wedding.

Moving to the old Gibbler home next door, Fernando is worried that his former housemates will miss him, although none of them seem to mind.


  • The episode title comes from the expression used to wish an actor or a musician good luck on their performance before going on stage
  • Jodie Sweetin broke her leg prior to filming, and in Stephanie's first scene, she is sitting down driving a car, hiding the cast; in her second scene, she is sitting on a couch, also hiding the cast (after that, Stephanie breaks her ankle while running, and wears a cast for the next several episodes)
  • During a portion of the presentation, D.J. plays the role of C.J., once again hinting that she and Steve belong together
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