But Seriously, Folks
Season 1, episode 16
But seriously folks
Air date January 29, 1988
Writer(s) Russell Marcus
Director Joel Zwick
Previous A Pox in Our House
Next Danny's Very First Date

But Seriously, Folks is episode sixteen of the first season on Full House. It originally aired on February 5, 1988.


When Phyllis Diller takes over for Joey in front of an audience full of talent scouts, the crestfallen Joey decides to look for another line of work. He even goes so far as to don a business suit, mousse his hair, and alter his name to the more dignified "Joe". To demonstrate his move from comedy to business, he replaces one of his comedy photos to that of Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca.

The changes not only affect Joey, but the entire family to boot. When Danny and Jesse head to the club, Jesse brings his guitar on stage. But when he notices Joey's change of heart, he has one of his own and decides to try his hand at comedy. Needless to say, that doesn't work out – as Joey accuses him of stealing his material. This causes Joey to go back to his roots – while still wearing a fancy suit!

Later that night, he thanks Jesse and Danny for getting him right back where he belongs; for had he stayed in the business world, the other two guys would have had to find Michelle a daycare center. They give her a complimentary sweatband from one that they had gone to and get her in shape, just like them.

Unfortunately, D.J. decides to follow Joey's lead by giving up her music lessons when she feels that she is not making any progress. Luckily, however, they work things out; that night in her and Stephanie's room (during the inspirational music), he chats with her about not giving up. So that night, she takes out the guitar and tries her luck again, and Stephanie is actually impressed, despite using her pillow to cover her ears (as the audience applauds and the EP credits appear).

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