Carrie Fowler is one of Jesse Katsopolis' ex-girlfriends. Her lifelong dream was to become a model.

She and Jesse had a strong, serious relationship. It's unknown how long Carrie and Jesse were dating, but they were in love with each other. Carrie told Jesse she would come on the road with his band. The day before high school graduation, she sat Jesse down to talk to her. She had previously sent her pictures to a modelling agency, and they loved them. She wanted to go her own way, to continue her dreams of becoming a model.

Jesse, angry that she would break her word, didn't want her to go. They got into a fight involving their priorities, and realized they were breaking up. They didn't want to, so they came to a compromise—Jesse would do his music, and Carrie would do her modeling. When she came back, they would pick up right from where they left off.

Ten years afterwards, they met again at their ten year high school reunion, Carrie with memories of the promise Jesse made her. Carrie confronted him about it, but Jesse told her it was ten years ago, and that he was engaged. She said that he wasn't married yet, and hoped that she could change his mind about marriage and come back to her. Carrie kissed him, still with the hope in her mind. Jesse told her that it was a wonderful kiss, but they were over. She just told him that she needed to know.

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