Colonel Gladstone is Joey Gladstone's father.


Colonel Gladstone was born on December 20, 1921. He was called for World War II when he was 18 years old and would marry Mindy Gladstone and on September 21, 1958, they would give birth to Joey Gladstone their son.

He never approved of Joey's choice to be a comedian, which caused his wife to divorce him. Joey did not want to invite him to see his stand-up routine in Las Vegas. As a surprise for Joey, D.J., and Stephanie invited Colonel Gladstone to come and see him perform. Joey was surprised and glad to see his father, but Colonel Gladstone maintained his previous opinion that Joey, whom he considered a bright young man, could have gone to West Point and made something of himself. Joey defended his passion for telling jokes, working with Jesse to write jingles and ads (Double J Creative Services), and his decision to help Danny raise his three girls. Joey vented to his father about how he missed all of his important accomplishments, from his elf performance in the 3rd grade Christmas play to him scoring the winning goal in the junior hockey tournament, causing his father to say goodbye to him and walk out the door.

However, Colonel Gladstone decided to stay and watch Joey's show where Joey proceeded to make jokes about his father. After the show, Colonel Gladstone talked to Joey, and explained how he felt when he would hear reports about how Joey was goofing off, so he felt he needed structure and discipline, and not a pal. Joey said he could have used a pal, and Colonel Gladstone said he could have used a pal as well, and thinks they could have been great buddies. Colonel Gladstone also claimed to have a sense of humor, and reminded Joey that he stayed home and watched cartoons with him when he had the chickenpox. Joey was surprised to hear that, and Colonel Gladstone revealed that he taught Joey how to do Popeye. Colonel Gladstone told Joey he was proud of him, and offered to make a fresh start. Joey told his father he loved him, and the two embraced.


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