Curse of Tanner Manor
Season 2, episode 4
Fuller-House-Season-2-Photos (9)
Air date December 9, 2016
Writer(s) Marsh McCall
Director Rich Correll
Previous Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss
Next Doggy Daddy

Curse of Tanner Manor is episode four of season two in the Fuller House series.


On Halloween, Jackson and Ramona decide to abandon their parents to go to a haunted house where Jimmy and Stephanie (who are working there as zombies) decide to teach them a lesson.

Max's friend, Taylor becomes his enemy when he blogs negatively about the Fuller house's Halloween decorations.

D.J. throws a party for Max to impress Taylor, while Kimmy and Fernando dress up as Lucy and Ricky and the former is upset when she is cut out of Fernando's planned performance at the party.

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