Daddy's Home
Season 1, episode 6
Daddy's home
Air date November 23, 1987
Writer(s) Joan Brooker & Nancy Eddo
Director Howard Storm
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Daddy's Home is episode six of the first season of Full House. It originally aired on November 23, 1987.

Plot Summary

Stephanie is rehearsing her ballet moves for her first ballet recital that evening (see Quotes).

Danny is waiting desperately for Michelle to say "da-da," and when she finally does, it is to Jesse and Joey! Fearing that his long work-hours are negatively impacting his relationship with his children, Danny takes the girls on a string of father-daughter outings. Jesse, meanwhile, reluctantly agrees to give Joey some lessons on how to be cool, but the process turns out to be more strenuous than they expected.

Guest Stars


[D.J. carries Michelle downstairs and puts her in her playpen.]
D.J.: Now, Michelle, stay right here. ... Where you gonna go? You're in a baby jail.
Joey: I'm ready for Stephanie's recital. You think the shirt and tie go [together]?
D.J.: Well, I think the shirt and the tie should go [away].
Stephanie: [dancing around in a tutu with a tape player and headphones on her] One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four.
Joey: Stephanie, you've been rehearsing for three days straight. You're this close to ballerina burnout.
D.J. & Joey: Stephanie.
Joey: Stephanie.
D.J. & Joey: [removing the headphones] Stephanie!
Stephanie: I am not Stephanie. I'm a swan who's about to kick the bucket. [And to show the meaning, she twirls into a collapse.]
Joey: Oh, God. There's a dead swan in the living room!

[Danny comes home.]
Danny: Sorry I'm late. I was editing my feature on great moments in bowling and I got held up when I couldn't find a second moment.
D.J.: Oh, Dad, after Stephanie's recital, we hit the big sale at the Fashion Mart. Everything is half off.
Danny: Of course, that doesn't save me any money, because you'll just buy twice as much stuff, right?
D.J.: I like your attitude.
Jesse: [coming downstairs in a spiffy suit] It's Saturday afternoon, I'm all dressed up and where am I going?... a munchkin ballet.

[The doorbell enters, and Adrianna enters.]
Adrianna: Ciao.
Danny: Jesse, it's for you.
Joey: How do you know she's not here to see me?
Adrianna: Jesse!
Jesse: Adrianna! Have mercy!