Declarations of Independence
Season 3, episode 3
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Kellie R. Griffin
Director Rich Correll
Previous Break a Leg
Next My Little Hickey

Declarations of Independence is episode three in season three of Fuller House.


It is the 4th of July, and...

Fernando adopts the name "Frank Smith" and speaks with an over-the-top Texan accent.

Stephanie tells Jimmy, Kimmy, and D.J. that, despite her cast, she doesn't want people helping her, so she can resume doing things on her own. Jimmy takes this advice too literally.

Max wants to impress Rose with fireworks, but D.J. will not allow it. Instead, he uses Mentos and soda to create his own fireworks, but Rose tricks him, and he ends up covered in soda.

Danny returns to the house to interview D.J. and Matt on Facebook Live regarding pet safety during the holidays for his show "Wake Up USA" (and to attend the Danny Tanner Annual Fourth of July Barbeque). D.J., nervous, hogs the camera for the entire segment.

Lola comes over to spend time with Ramona, but admits that Jackson is smothering her and that she wants to break up with him. Ramona demonstrates how Jackson would act if Lola broke up with him (and, later, Jackson reacts exactly as Ramona predicted, with Ramona lip synching Jackson's lines as proof).

Jackson, before realizing how Lola feels, serenades her with Danny's help, singing Barry Manilow's "Copacabana". Ramona and Lola walk out on the mediocre performance, but Danny and Jackson continue.

Danny hosts and judges the "World's Cleanest Pie Eating Contest". The teams are:

  • Lola and Jackson: Lola breaks up with Jackson during the contest
  • Matt and D.J.: Matt is annoyed that D.J. hogged the camera during the Facebook Live interview
  • Kimmy and Fernando: Kimmy reveals that she hates Fernando's "Frank Smith" character
  • Max and Rose: Max is annoyed that Rose tricked him into getting soaked with soda earlier
  • Stephanie and Jimmy: Still taking Stephanie's earlier request literally, Jimmy refuses to help their team win
  • Tommy and Ramona
  • Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. by himself

With all the hostility between the teams, the contest quickly degenerates into a food fight, Ramona playfully attacking Lola and Jackson after some of their pies hit her.

The teams are all thus disqualified, except for Comet Jr Jr Jr, who wins by default.

Danny then helps reconcile each of the teams, except for Lola and Jackson. Jackson, heartbroken, returns to his bedroom, where D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, and ultimately Danny cheer him up. In the end, Lola and Jackson agree to remain friends.

While helping Jackson, Danny reveals that he and Teri have divorced. D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy all promise to support him.

As the evening fades into night, the extended family watches a fireworks show.


"The Pilgrims fought for my right to blow stuff up." —Max Fuller (a silly non-historically-accurate joke, unusual for him)

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