Derek S. Boyd is one of Michelle's friends later in the series. He appears in nine episodes throughout seasons six through eight. Michelle first meets Derek in the episode "The Play's the Thing", when he gets the role of Yankee Doodle in their school play America the Beautiful. Though Michelle is initially jealous of Derek for winning the part over her (due in no small part to the fact that both of her sisters played "Yankee Doodle"), she helps him recover from stage fright, and they eventually become friends. Derek is very educated and well-spoken for a boy of his age, though also a bit on the wimpy side. He also shows signs of being a bit obsessive-compulsive. As shown in several episodes, he is also a very talented singer. He says he blends in with his surroundings.

In "Wrong-Way Tanner", he’s chosen to be the goalie for Michelle's soccer team because he kissed up to Coach Joey. During practice, Derek is afraid of getting hit by the ball, so he dodges it. Joey tells him that he’s allowed to touch the ball and that it will not hurt as he thinks. When Michelle scores what she thinks is the winning goal for her team, she does not realize that Derek is the goalie, and not being a great athlete, he isn’t able to keep the ball out of the goal (thus scoring the winning goal for the other team).

Derek made a cameo in the series finale of Fuller House auditioning to be the minister for DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy's triple wedding, singing Yankee Doodle.

Derek Boyd

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