Fernando Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero is a character on Fuller House portrayed by Juan Pablo Di Pace, and appeared in 69 of the 75 episodes. He is the ex-husband and fiancé of Kimmy Gibbler, and the father of Ramona Gibbler.



Fernando married Kimmy sometime after the Full House series finale, "Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)". They got married right before Ramona was born. he cheated on Kimmy multiple times with some of the most beautiful women in the world.

Fernando is still in love with Kimmy and is engaged to marry her for a second time.


Kimmy Gibbler

Kimmy Gibbler is Fernando's ex-wife and now-fiancee. The two met when he was a hairdresser. They fell in love and got married. They spent the first part of their marriage practically living at the club Euphoria. They spent so much time there that they kept some toiletries and undergarments there. Fernando cheated on Kimmy multiple times at some point during their marriage. This caused the two to separate. They got back together shortly after Ramona's 13th birthday party. He calls Kimmy, Kimmy Hernandez-Guerrero-Fernandez-Guerrero sometimes.

Ramona Gibbler

Ramona Gibbler is Fernando and Kimmy's daughter. The two are very close. He is classically overprotective of her as shown when she tried to go out with Ethan. However, Fernando did not seem to be that involved when Kimmy saw Ramona's hickey or when Popko embarrassed her on the Internet, although he may not have known. He is obviously upset when Ramona calls him Dad instead of Papa. He also gives her a pony and frozen yogurt machine in her room at his house so she would spend more time there.


  • "Kimberlina mi amor!"
  • "I am a Kimmy-a-holic!"
  • "I vow on my life and everything I hold sacred that I will cause no drama!"


Prior to his occupation as a race car driver, he was a hairdresser – which is how he and Kimmy first met.

Fernando wears a black watch on his right arm, even though he is right-handed.

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