Four Dates with Kimmy Gibbler
Season 5, episode 6
Air date December 6, 2019
Writer(s) Will Griffin
Director Candace Cameron Bure
Previous D.J.'s Amazing 40th Birthday Race
Next A Modest Proposal
Four Dates with Kimmy Gibbler is episode six in season five of Fuller House.


Kimmy decides to date around to make sure Fernando's "the one". D.J. snags Stephanie an important audition, and Max and Steve team up to play detective.


Candace Cameron Bure as D.J. Tanner
Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner
Andrea Barber as Kimmy Gibbler
Michael Campion as Jackson Fuller
Elias Harger as Max Fuller
Soni Nicole Bringas as Ramona Gibbler
Dashiell and Fox Messitt as Tommy Fuller, Jr.
Juan Pablo Di Pace as Fernando Guerrero
Scott Weinger as Steve Hale
John Brotherton as Matthew Harmon
Landry Bender as Rocki

Guest stars

Lisa Loeb as herself
Kirk Cameron as himself


Songs sung:

  • "Sing Out" by Lisa Loeb
  • "The Wish" by Jodie Sweetin
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