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Fuller House is the Netflix original series that is a sequel to Full House.


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Season 1[]

Twenty-one years have passed and the Tanner Clan are within their final days before parting their home permanently. Danny has since remarried and is preparing to move. He and Rebecca have gotten a new job offer to work in LA to start a new morning show, Wake Up, USA. Uncle Jesse heads to LA to be with Becky as well as start a new musical job, Nicky & Alex (the twins) are now in college with a focus on operating a food truck taco business, Joey has gotten a job as a live comedian act in Las Vegas and married with four kids, Stephanie has a successful DJ career, taking her sister's name as "DJ Tanner," and Michelle is out in New York focusing on her fashion career (much to the family's chagrin). With the entire family taking major directions away from their house, Danny has opted to sell their home, ending the Tanner Household. However, fate would change with D.J.

D.J. became a veterinarian and started a family with her husband, Tommy Fuller (a firefighter). Together, they have three boys: Jackson, Max, and Tommy Junior. Unfortunately, Tommy died in the line of duty a year earlier and D.J. has been taking refuge back at the Tanner House until she can figure things out. Too proud to admit she is struggling to find stability and balance within her life, she admitted her troubles to her baby and the family overheard her real feelings on the baby monitor and decided to help her; the house now belongs to D.J. and the Fuller boys, making it the Fuller House.

In between, Kimmy Gibbler got married to Spanish car racer, Fernando, and the two have a daughter together, Ramona. Unfortunately, Fernando wasn't a loyal husband and Kimmy has caught him cheating on her multiple times, prompting her to divorce him. However, despite the multiple infidelities, Kimmy still has feelings for Fernando and he tries hard to win back Kimmy's feelings.

When the entire clan heard of D.J.'s plight, the entire family suddenly volunteered to stay behind to help D.J., but D.J. herself couldn't allow the entire clan to make such a sacrifice for her. However, Stephanie had no major obligations and decided to put her DJ career on hold to help D.J. manage the house. Shortly after, Kimmy Gibber and Ramona also moved together with the Fuller family as additional support.

Life would get interesting for D.J. when she meets Matt at the vet and her ex, Steve. Both men are single and interested in her and both are vying for her affection. D.J. herself has been undecided as she likes both men. Although it created a rift, the men agreed to give D.J. the time she needs to make a final decision.

As for Stephanie, despite having a party girl lifestyle, she ultimately learned she wanted more stability and helped D.J. out with the boys. Because of Tommy's death, she never had the chance to tell D.J. and the family that she discovered she's incapable of having children. Struggling with the idea of never able to have a family of her own, Stephanie takes some comfort that she's helping D.J. raise the Fuller boys as she attempts to find someone herself.

The story ends with Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky coming back into town to renew their vows. Kimmy and Fernando recently got back together and Fernando promises to make things different; the two are doing a double-wedding with Jesse and Becky with Joey as the presider. With Kimmy back with Fernando, it would mean Ramona and Kimmy would leave to be with Fernando in his career on the racing circuit. However, in the final moments, Kimmy realizes her being with the girls and the life she has built means a lot greater than following Fernando's career; the two agreed to remain engaged, but not re-married until they can sort out the details. As for D.J., she couldn't make a final decision between Steve and Matt; D.J. realizes she's still not ready for a relationship and decided to put things off with the both of them. Kimmy, Stephanie, and D.J. celebrate as the ladies are still together.

Season 2[]

Everyone in the Fuller house is exploring their summer plans. However, with everyone coming back together to resume their lives, new chapters unfold with the Fuller household.

D.J. takes time off from dating as she needs personal time to sort out her feelings. She encourages both Steve and Matt to move on with their lives as she is not sure who to choose and does not want to leave the men hanging for her; she has since made a choice, but before she can declare her decision to anyone, the men have found new girlfriends.

The guys become best of friends and realize that without D.J., they need to find new partners. Matt hooks up with Krystal (an energetic athlete) and Steve hooks up with a medical doctor, C.J. (a person that closely matches D.J. in every characteristic, an obvious surrogate to help fill in the void). With both men out of the picture, D.J. feels alone and Stephanie and Kimmy would help (with little success) her find a new partner in life.

In between, Fernando loses his home and Kimmy convinces the girls to allow him to stay with them until he can find a new home (much to everyone's disapproval). Kimmy and Fernando remain engaged and continue to sort out their lives together while trying to raise Ramona, as well as trying to develop a career in dancing and interested in dating boys. However, Ramona's first romantic encounter does not fair well, but Kimmy, D.J., and Stephanie help her recover as the three ladies' first budding romances were not as great, but believed in better endings in future endeavors.

Meanwhile, Jackson continues to have strong romantic feelings for Lola, but her feelings for him have since died after summer; he is back to square one. Because he is determined to win Lola's heart, he makes every effort to impress her and becomes reckless, from pulling stunts to attempting to join the football team, hoping Lola would look at his way. However, D.J. is resistant to all of Jackson's attempts, as he puts himself in danger and D.J.'s motherly concern has made Jackson rebellious and contentious. Realizing Jackson would never fully listen to D.J., Kimmy convinces Lola to help convince Jackson to abandon football and he looks for other ways to impress Lola.

Due to a long-term project about making the world better, Max has been struggling to find a way to complete his project while learning to be more conscientious to the planet. In his quest to complete his assignment, he has made the effort to avoid eating meat and has since raised four live chickens in the backyard. As the person who managed to get entangled in the affairs of others, Max often exposes the true nature of a situation to the adults.

As for Stephanie, she unexpectedly develops a romantic relationship with Kimmy's little brother, Jimmy, a professional photographer for National Geographic. While at first attracted to Jimmy, she quickly becomes resistant when she realizes she kissed a Gibbler. However, as time passes, the two can't deny a strong mutual attraction and Stephanie agrees to try things out.

Season 3[]

D.J. and Steve continue their song-and-dance routine, all the while assuring C.J. that there is nothing to worry about. Even when she walks in on D.J. wearing her wedding dress.

Becky surprises Stephanie with an appointment for a pelvic ultrasound, where she learns that she still has a few viable eggs, making it possible for her to have a child of her own via surrogate.

Almost everyone is off to Tokyo, Japan for Steve and C.J.'s wedding but before the airplane even takes off there's drama: Jimmy tells Stephanie that he wants to be her baby daddy, D.J. accidentally tells Steve that she doesn’t think she’ll be able to watch him walk down the aisle because he is her first choice and Matt is planning to propose to D.J.

After Jesse and Joey buy back The Smash Club they throw an 80's themed 30th "dad-iversery" party complete with costumes. Announcements are made by Jesse, Becky, Joey, Danny, and a very big one by Kimmy that will hugely impact Stephanie's life.

Season 4[]

D.J. and Steve are finally together. Stephanie starts thinking like a provider. Kimmy discovers a secret Tommy Fuller left behind for his family. Kimmy's pregnancy brings her and Stephanie closer than ever before.

Jackson wants a real relationship with Rocki. When he decides he wants to be good at something he discovers a talent for kicking a football, so Jackson joins the school football team. Steve teaches Jackson how to drive.

Ramona is ghosted by the popular girls but finds a genuine friend. Max runs for fourth-grade class president against his girlfriend, Rose. Tommy has a meltdown at the mall. Jackson, Max, and Tommy prank Joey.

A ladies' night out ends differently than anyone expected when Kimmy has to be taken to the hospital. Stephanie is blessed with a daughter and Jimmy pops the question.

Season 5[]

Relationships are in bloom in the Tanner house. D.J. and Steve are going strong. Stephanie and Jimmy are engaged. Kimmy and Fernando are both divorced and engaged. Jackson and Rocki together again. Ramona falls head over heels in love at first sight with Ethan. Matt and Gia come back from Las Vegas as newlyweds.

When Fernando and Jimmy find out their favorite sandwich shop is going out of business, Steve puts up the capital so they can buy Uncle Monty’s Sandwich Emporium. Steve plans a girls-vs.-guys Amazing Race themed game for D.J.'s 40th birthday. Stephanie writes a song for her daughter and plays it for Lisa Loeb. Kimmy dates a few losers and Kirk Cameron before making her way back to her true love. Jackson qualifies for the Rocket League NorCal Finals. Ramona spends all her time with her new boyfriend, Ethan. Max plays detective to discover Rocki and Ethan's secret.

In preparations for their upcoming triple wedding, D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy, and Fernando head to the Lower Nob Hill Bridal Expo. They wind up walking the runway, to get a discount on their wedding dresses. While visiting the University of California, D.J. and Jackson pull off a heist. Max has an identity crisis. Ramona trains to defeat the reigning champ of a high-stakes eating contest. Jesse turns a play-date into a sting operation. A week before the wedding Kimmy and Fernando, along with Stephanie and Jimmy, announce they will be moving out after the wedding. 


In late 2014, John Stamos began spearheading the effort to bring the show back on Netflix. Many rumors began spreading – until finally on April 20, 2015, Stamos on Jimmy Kimmel Live, confirmed that the spin-off had been green-lighted by Netflix. It was confirmed on July 16, 2015 that the first episode of the series would be titled "Our Very First Show, Again" – a nod to the title of the Full House premiere episode: "Our Very First Show".

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen[]

On April 22, 2015, in an interview with Women's Wear Daily, Mary-Kate Olsen mentioned that she and her sister had "just found out about it" and that they intended to contact the show's creators to "see what’s happening". Ashley said she planned to call their former TV father, Bob Saget, to "get his perspective".[1] On July 28, 2015 Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos reported that the Olsen twins were teetering on their decision to reprise their role.[2] In October 2015, it was confirmed that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen would not be reprising their role as Michelle Tanner. On Andy Cohen's SiriusXM talk show "Radio Andy," John Stamos confirmed that younger Olsen sister Elizabeth's interest in taking over the role had been explored. "I don't think this has been talked about, " Stamos said, adding "I didn't do it, I think Jeff Franklin did. I said, 'Call the sister. Ask her.' We talked to her agent and her agent was like, 'Come on, she's not going to do that,' but we did call her agent."[3]


Michelle is mentioned a couple times in season one: first in the premiere episode when Stephanie asks where her little sister is, Danny tells her "Well, Michelle sends her love, but she's busy in New York running her fashion empire." – at which time, the cast breaks the "fourth wall," turning to look into the camera with a knowing smirk for several seconds. In "Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party", Ramona explains that her dress is an Elizabeth & James by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Kimmy then looks at the receipt of the dress and says, "At these prices, no wonder they don't need to act anymore!" Another time, D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy return home at 2:00 am after Kimmy's bachelorette party and call Michelle on Stephanie's cell phone. They only get her voicemail, but proceed to leave a message including some of Michelle's better-known phrases.

In the episode "Fuller Thanksgiving" in season two, similar to the premiere, in response to D.J. saying that she hopes that Michelle will be home next year, Jesse breaks the fourth wall and says to the camera, "Come on, it'll be fun."


  • Executive producers:
    • Jeff Franklin (seasons 1–3)
    • Thomas L. Miller
    • Robert L. Boyett
    • John Stamos
    • Steve Baldikoski (season 4)
    • Benny Behar (season 4)
  • Production companies:
    • Jeff Franklin Productions
    • Miller-Boyett Productions

Major shake-up[]

In February 2018, creator and executive producer Jeff Franklin was fired after allegations of Franklin’s behavior in the writers’ room which ranged from being verbally abusive to staffers and making sexually charged comments about his personal relationships. Although not accused of directly sexually harassing or engaging in physical misconduct with any staffers, Franklin was replaced with Steve Baldikoski and Bryan Behar, both of whom have co-executive-produced Fuller House since its 2016 debut.[4]




Season 1[]

Main article: Season 1 (Fuller House)
  1. Our Very First Show, Again
  2. Moving Day
  3. Funner House
  4. The Not-So-Great Escape
  5. Mad Max
  6. The Legend of El Explosivo
  7. Ramona's Not-So-Epic Party
  8. Secrets, Lies and Firetrucks
  9. War of the Roses
  10. A Giant Leap
  11. Partnerships in the Night
  12. Save the Dates
  13. Love is in the Air

Season 2[]

Main article: Season 2 (Fuller House)
  1. Welcome Back
  2. Mom Interference
  3. Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss
  4. Curse of Tanner Manor
  5. Doggy Daddy
  6. Fuller Thanksgiving
  7. Girl Talk
  8. A Tangled Web
  9. Glazed and Confused
  10. New Kids in the House
  11. DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion
  12. Nutcrackers
  13. Happy New Year Baby

Season 3[]

Main article: Season 3 (Fuller House)
  1. Best Summer Ever
  2. Break a Leg
  3. Declarations of Independence
  4. My Little Hickey
  5. Uncle Jesse's Adventures in Babysitting
  6. M-M-M-My Ramona
  7. Say Yes to the Dress
  8. Maybe Baby
  9. Wedding or Not Here We Come
  10. My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding
  11. Troller Coaster
  12. Fast Times at Bayview High
  13. A Tommy Tale
  14. Surrogate City
  15. Soul Sisters
  16. Happily Ever After
  17. Fullers in a Fog
  18. Here Comes the Sun

Season 4[]

Main article: Season 4 (Fuller House)
  1. Oh My Santa
  2. Big Night
  3. A Sense of Purpose
  4. Ghosted
  5. No Escape
  6. Angels' Night Out
  7. President Fuller
  8. Driving Mr. Jackson
  9. Perfect Sons
  10. Golden-Toe Fuller
  11. It's Always Open
  12. The Prom
  13. Opening Night

Season 5[]

Main article: Season 5 (Fuller House)
  1. Welcome Home, Baby To Be Named Later
  2. Hale's Kitchen
  3. Family Business
  4. Moms' Night Out
  5. Ready Player Fuller
  6. The Mayor's Bird
  7. D.J.'s Amazing 40th Birthday Race
  8. Five Dates with Kimmy Gibbler
  9. A Modest Proposal
  10. If the Suit Fits
  11. Three Weddings and a Musical
  12. Cold Turkey
  13. College Tours
  14. Basic Training
  15. Be Yourself, Free Yourself
  16. The Nearlywed Game
  17. Something Borrowed
  18. Our Very Last Show, Again


  • Ashley Olsen's middle name is Fuller – which is shown in the Full House season one closing credits.
  • Unlike its parent series, this one is recorded using Panavision cameras.
  • This series could be considered Seasons 9-13 of Full House



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