Fuller Thanksgiving
Season 2, episode 6
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Air date December 9, 2016
Writer(s) Jordana Arkin
Director Katy Garretson
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Fuller Thanksgiving is episode six of season two in the series Fuller House.


D.J. wants Thanksgiving to be perfect for her family. Danny, Jesse, Becky, Nicky and Alex are visiting. She is overwhelmed when Joey, his wife, and their four kids join in on the festivities. She also learns that Michelle could not come.


Meanwhile, Becky wants to adopt a baby while Jesse is highly opposed to it, Danny undergoes a mid-life crisis and Joey's kids make everybody miserable.


Danny Tanner mentions that he just turned 60 years old. The age and date (which happened before Thanksgiving) are continuity errors. His actual birthday is December 11 (1957) (as stated in "The Big Three-O"). That would make him 59 in this episode.

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