Glazed and Confused
Season 2, episode 9
Air date December 9, 2016
Writer(s) Eydie Faye
Director Mark Cendrowski
Previous A Tangled Web
Next New Kids in the House

Glazed and Confused is episode nine of season two of Fuller House.


Stephanie, Kimmy and Fernando go to Los Angeles where Stephanie plans to perform her new song on Danny and Becky's show, Wake Up USA. Kimmy plans to sneak her way into the spotlight and Fernando wants to see the set of his favorite show.

A woman from the adoption agency meets with Jesse and Becky to determine the legitimacy of their parenting skills, but things go wrong when Jesse, Becky, Fernando, Stephanie and the adoption woman get stuck inside a fake TV set jail cell, leaving Danny (who is left without a co-host) to begrudgingly have Kimmy help him out.

Meanwhile, Joey brings doughnuts to the Fuller house, making everyone sick and ruining D.J. and Matt's weekend away.


The episode title is a take on the title of the 1993 comedy film, Dazed and Confused.

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