Full House
Full House
Golden-Toe Fuller
Season 4, episode 10
Golden-Toe Fuller.jpg
Air date December 14, 2018
Writer(s) Bob Keyes & Doug Keyes
Director Rich Correll
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Golden-Toe Fuller is episode ten in season four of Fuller House.


When Jackson becomes a star football player, being named the player of the week after kicking his team to the state semifinals, he feels pressure and starts pretending to limp.

Jesse attends his first daddy/daughter class and has to deal with hipster dads.

D.J. plans a gender reveal party for Stephanie even though Stephanie doesn't want a party and Jimmy isn't sure he want to know the gender of their baby.


  • First appearance of Josh Peck.
  • When Jesse is mistaken for a grandfather by Ben, he asks himself, "Did I just get grandfathered?" John Stamos and Josh Peck starred in a short-lived comedy called "Grandfathered."