Happily Ever After
Season 3, episode 16
IMG 5572.jpg
Air date December 22, 2017
Writer(s) Maria Brown-Gallenberg & Jerry Collins
Director Rich Correll
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Happily Ever After is episode sixteen in season three of Fuller House.


Ramona plans a "Best Homecoming Dance Ever" but finds that everyone considers the party lame and ditches her to go to Chad Bradley's house instead as his parents are away. Meanwhile, Kimmy, Stephanie and D.J. perform as fairy godmothers at a party for Max's snobby classmate Dakota who has high demands for the party. Discovering Ramona in the kitchen crying, the three borrow Dakota's party on the condition that Max is her date and reform Ramona's party into a more entertaining one. Girl Talk performs "I'm a Believer" at the dance as Steve arrives and kisses D.J. since it is after midnight and they are now officially a couple.


The episode title comes from the oft-used fairy tale ending.

This is the last appearance of Tanner Buchanan and Trevor Larcom as Chad Bradley and Mankowski respectively.

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