Happy New Year Baby
Season 2, episode 13
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Air date December 9, 2016
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Jeff Franklin
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Happy New Year Baby is episode thirteen in season two of Fuller House (and season finale). It was released on December 9, 2016.


Stephanie is forced to tell Jimmy about her infertility when he reveals his dreams of having kids with her.

Steve asks for DJ's help proposing to CJ while DJ herself waits for Matt to come home from India for the New Year's Eve party.

When Jackson cooks up a scheme to rid himself, Ramona, Lola and Popko of Max, Max and Rose work to get revenge.

Jesse names Joey the godfather of his and Becky's new adopted daughter, Pamela, leading to an argument between the two and Danny.

DJ reveals to Kimmy and Stephanie that when she had decided between Matt and Steve, she had picked Steve, but she's now happy with Matt and with Steve's new engagement to CJ, as Steve and DJ promised each other to wait for their romance until they become divorced or widowed.

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