Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis (1905–1994) (played by Jack Kruschen; 1922–2002) is Jesse and Pam's grandfather and Nick's father. He is an elderly Greek man; well, more of a child in an old man's body. Visiting from Greece, Iorgos is a jolly, friendly old man with a failing memory.


Iorgos Katsopolis was born to Hermes Katsopolis, a businessman. His mother’s identity is unknown. The young Iorgos followed his dreams to become a fisherman, later marrying Gina and having a son named Nicholas.

At first, Michelle calls Papouli "Grandpa", to which he responds by telling her to call him Papouli, his reasoning being that "grandpa means an old man with grey hair," whereas Papouli "also means an old man with grey hair, but sounds so much better".

Papouli seems to be a good cook, making dinner for the family before engaging in a "celebration" with Stephanie, Michelle, and eventually Jesse, which consisted of tossing flour into the air, and yelling "Opa!" (which normally is yelled when celebrating in a similar manner by throwing dishes to the ground, causing them to break).

Papouli begins teaching Michelle The Great Dance. Michelle asks him to come to her school for Share Day and teach her class the dance. He gladly agrees.

Unfortunately, in the early morning hours when Share Day is scheduled, Papouli contracts heart failure and dies in his sleep. When Danny discovers this, he has to break the news to his family. Although upset, everyone seems to understand that, with his superannuated state, this was to be somewhat expected; all but Michelle, who is too young to grasp the concept of death.

When she comes home from her Honeybee meeting and shows off the project she was going to show to Papouli and learns of his death, she throws the project on the floor until it breaks into pieces and storms off in tears. The family does their best to explain what had happened, Danny and Stephanie explain to their loved one how to cope with the loss and control her emotions as best she can, and Jesse offers to go to Share Day with Michelle to do the Great Dance.

Joey and Danny, who had just acquired an unnamed boat, decide to christen their new vessel the "Papouli", in honor of their recently deceased patriarch.


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