Janet is a character on Fuller House, portrayed by Kimberley Drummond.

Quote: "Oooh! Lookin' snazzy, Maxwell!"


Janet is one of the receptionists at Harmon-Fuller Pet Care (formerly Harmon Pet Care). She is very friendly and up-beat, and seems to have a soft spot for Max Fuller, as she lights up when he comes in to visit. In "The Not-So-Great Escape," she tells D.J. she needs to take her dog to the vet... even though she works at a veterinary clinic. D.J. then asks why she doesn't bring her dog in to the vet she works for, Janet explains that she can't afford their prices. When D.J. offers her an employee discount, Janet then becomes offended at the suggestion that she would ever take her dog to a "discount" veterinarian, suggesting that logic is not her strong suit. Janet is from Jamaica and speaks with a thick Jamaican accent.


Janet's comment about Max's attire indicates that his full name is Maxwell.


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