Jasper is Joey Gladstone's uncle. He owns a barber called "Jasper's Kiddie Kuts" where kids can go to get their haircuts.

Joey recommends that Jesse and Becky take Nicky and Alex to him when they finally decide to get their first haircuts. Like Joey, Jasper likes to make jokes, and his jokes unnerve Jesse at first, but Becky convinces him to let the boys get their haircut. As Jasper is set to cut their hair, Becky stops him and she and Jesse go to the side to talk. As they talk, Jasper goes ahead and cuts the boys' hair, and Jesse and Becky like the haircuts. Because Jesse and Becky made such a fuss about the boys getting their hair cut, Jasper gives balloons to them instead of to Nicky and Alex.


He is credited as Uncle Jasper.

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