Kevin Gwynn is supposedly D.J.'s first "true boyfriend," whom she began dating on her 13th birthday. In the episode "Just Say No Way", D.J. and Kevin go to a school dance together. Kevin's friends, Paul and Sam, convince him to drink beer, claiming it will loosen him up. He follows them, and they all end up getting suspended from school. When Jesse notices D.J. trying to tell Kevin's friends how stupid they look drinking beer, and tried to take the beer can out of Kevin's hand, Jesse thought that D.J. was also drinking.

After D.J. goes back to the dance to prove her innocence, Kevin finally tells Jesse and Danny the truth, and D.J. is forgiven. While he explains to her that Sam and Paul told him that drinking would cause him to have more fun with her, she tells him she didn't have fun with "the new Kevin". As she leaves the dance, she is OK with Kevin calling again, under the condition that "the old Kevin" calls. Kevin is not seen again after that.

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