Lola Ester Wong is a character on Fuller House, portrayed by Ashley Liao.


Lola is Ramona Gibbler's Chinese-American best friend. She is somewhat materialistic, in that Jackson is able – at least in part – to 'buy' her affection with gifts, specifically the signed Giants jersey in "A Giant Leap." The quality of her character takes a hit when she slips up in class and reveals that her mother built her science project for her. She comes across as even more spoiled when she complains to Jackson that ruining her volcano project means her mother will have to make another one for her. In "Fast Times at Bayview High", Lola announces that her dad got a new job and is moving to Fresno.


Ramona Gibbler

Thanks to Jackson's failed escape plan, Lola is the first friend Ramona makes as a new student at Van Atta Middle School. Lola thought that Ramona was "so cool!" for trying to ditch and then being marched to the principal's office; suggesting that she is intrigued by her carefree nature. The two quickly become best friends, and Ramona soon joins Lola's group of friends.

Jackson Fuller

Jackson has a crush on Lola (although he barely existed to her before she became friends with Ramona) but after his actions in "The Not-So-Great Escape", she now remembers him as the one who ruined her volcano project in science class. After a while, Lola warms up to Jackson who does things for her like he gets her a Giants jersey using Matt Harmon's credit card to pay for it in "A Giant Leap".

After witnessing Jackson stand up for Ramona, she admits that she might be having a change of heart about her feelings towards him. Throughout the series, he refers to her as his "boo" (much to her annoyance).


Lola and Ramona are on the school dance team together.

Lola loves dancing. Her dream is to have her own horse.


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  • Along with Jackson and Ramona, Lola attends the same school that D.J. and Kimmy did at that age – Van Atta Middle School
  • She likes M&M's, especially the red ones
  • She has a brother, whose name is unknown


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