Maybe Baby
Season 3, episode 8
Maybe Baby
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Alisha Ketry
Director Rich Correll
Previous Say Yes to the Dress
Next Wedding or Not Here We Come

Maybe Baby is episode eight in season three of Fuller House.


Stephanie goes to the doctor with Becky and finds out that she can have children using a surrogate and sperm donor. The procedure has to be done as soon as possible, and Stephanie swears Becky to secrecy to stop getting everyone's hopes up.

Arriving at Jackson's congratulations party, Stephanie assumes that Becky told them all and confesses about having a baby. All the assembled families unite to pay for the expenses.

Joey and his mischievous children arrive in town. Their antics annoy everyone, but Joey refuses to discipline them as he wants to be best friends with his kids. However, Kimmy convinces him otherwise and he cancels their trip to Disneyland unless they behave. Although Ramona and Max try to frame them while they spend the night, the truth it found out. Joey's kids were good, and they go to Disneyland.

Jackson studies for his history text in summer school. Looking up the results on the Internet, he finds he got an F. D.J. talks to the teacher who is confused. Jackson skipped Line 1 but filled out everything else, passing with a score of 94.

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