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Full and Fuller House Meet The FlintStones

Full and Fuller House Meet The FlintStones

"Meet the Flintstones" is the theme song to the 1960s cartoon sitcom series, The Flintstones. In Full House, Jesse, Danny, Joey, D.J., and Stephanie sing the song to Michelle at the end of its premiere episode, "Our Very First Show". It happens again about 29 years later when the same characters sing it to Tommy, Jr. in the Fuller House premiere episode, "Our Very First Show, Again".


Joey: Ooh, Flintstones, Meet the Flintstones
Joey & Jesse: They're a modern stone age family
Everyone: From the town of Bedrock
They're a page right out of history.
Let's ride with the family down the street
Through the courtesy of Fred's two feet.
When you're with the Flintstones
Jesse, Danny & Joey: You'll have a yabba-dabba-doo time
D.J. & Stephanie: A Dabba-Doo time
Jesse, Danny & Joey: We'll have a gay ole time.
Stephanie: Wilma!

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