Michael Montfort (played by Jonathan Brandis) is D.J.'s first boyfriend in the 6th grade in the episode "A Little Romance". However, their "relationship" lasts only two days. After helping him with his homework, Michael surprises D.J. by telling her that he could not see her at lunch the next day because he had promised Kathy Santoni that he would sit with her. When D.J. said that she had thought that she and Michael were "boyfriend/girlfriend", he replies, "Yeah, well, you're nice, and fun, and smart. But Kathy Santoni is... so pretty." D.J. was crushed.

Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Brandis began his acting debut in 1982 on One Life to Live, but is perhaps best known for playing the role of Lucas Wolenczak on the NBC series seaQuest DSV (1993–1996). He also was the voice of Mozenrath in the 1994–95 Aladdin series (with Scott Weinger in the title role). Brandis committed suicide in 2003.

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