Mickey is one of Gia Mahan's friends and the first new friend Stephanie makes at DiMaggio Junior High.

Stephanie first meets Mickey in "Fast Friends". Mickey walks in while Stephanie is trying to dry her hands with toilet paper. Then, Mickey's friends come in, and offer her a cigarette. They offer Stephanie one as well, but she says she is trying to quit. The bell rings, and Stephanie says she better get to the class, which causes the other girls to start making fun of her. Mickey tries to defend Stephanie, but falls under peer pressure to stay with her friends. The next day, Stephanie stands up to Gia, and Mickey stands up for Stephanie. She asks Stephanie if she wants to hang out after school, and Stephanie replies that she does, but her lungs don't. Mickey realizes what she means, and says she is trying to cut back on the cigarettes.

In "Is It True About Stephanie?", Mickey helps Stephanie get back at Gia after Gia humiliates Stephanie. This is also Mickey's last appearance because Stephanie befriends Gia at the end of the episode, and they quickly become best friends.

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