Mindy Gladstone (far right in the photo) is the mother of Joey Gladstone. When Joey was younger, his parents got divorced and she and Joey moved around a lot.

Her only appearance in the series was the first season episode, "The Return of Grandma" but despite this, she has been mentioned frequently by Joey. She is called over to the Tanner house (along with Jesse Katsopolis' mother, Irene) by Claire Tanner after seeing how unkempt the men were keeping the household. Like Joey, she is seen to be fun-loving as when Joey slips his hands inside of roller skates, she grabs his legs, pushing him around the floor while he imitates the sounds of a vacuum cleaner.


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References to

  • "Joey's Place" (1.10): Danny mentions that Mindy provided the old furniture for his new bedroom in the basement
  • "Viva Las Joey" (4.7): Joey mentions that Mindy portrays Goofy at Disney World
  • "Grand Gift Auto" (6.20): Joey decides to visit her after being wrongly accused of stealing a car
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