Minnie is a Golden Retriever and the matriarch of the Tanner family dogs seen on Full House and Fuller House.


In the episode "And They Call It Puppy Love", a pregnant Minnie somehow becomes lost, and is discovered in the Tanners' backyard by Michelle and Joey. She gives birth to her puppies on Jesse's bed. Her owner, Frank Flood (who is from Ohio), later comes and picks her up along with her puppies. After telling the family not to be fooled by her look of innocence on the outside and that on the inside she is a "jungle beast" thinking "Here's a nice clean house that I can totally destroy", Danny reluctantly agrees to let the girls keep one of the puppies, and Comet is chosen by Michelle, after it is revealed that he loves Jesse's bed so much.

Post-Full House

After Full House, she died, but she is the great-grandmother of Comet Jr. Jr. and the great-great-grandmother of Cosmo and Comet Jr. Jr. Jr. in Fuller House.


Minnie's dog tag indicates her home address is in Ohio, and Stephanie assumes she traveled all the way to San Francisco on foot. However, at the end of the episode Jesse asks Frank if he can drive the girls over every once in a while to visit the puppies, a trip of over 2,000 miles if they are visiting them in Ohio. Additionally, Frank shows up the very next day and does not react as if visiting once in a while would be a significant journey. Therefore the implication is that somewhere along the line Jesse found out Frank and Minnie had recently moved to the area.

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