Moving Day
Season 1, episode 2
Fuller House S01E02 Screenshot 001
Air date February 26, 2016
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Mark Cendrowski
Previous Our Very First Show, Again
Next Funner House

Moving Day is episode two in the season one of Fuller House. It was released on February 26, 2016.

Fuller House S01E02 Screenshot 002


When the big day comes for Stephanie and Kimmy to join the fuller house, Jackson feels outnumbered as the only guy and worries about losing his own room, so he takes drastic action by hiding in Jesse's car (shown in photo).


[After Jesse sees Jackson stowing away in his car...]
Jesse: What are you doing?
Jackson: Moving to L.A. with my favorite uncle.
Jesse: You wanna know what you're not doing? Moving to L.A. with your favorite uncle.


  • Ramona answers the phone and says the following in Spanish: "¡Hola Leticia! ¡Mi madre esta loca y necesita psicoterapia!", which translates to: "Hi Leticia! My mother is crazy and needs psychotherapy!"
  • After Jesse and Stephanie talk about her first day as a parent, Jesse references the first two Full House episodes ("Our Very First Show" and "Our Very First Night"), with clips played from both; the former is also referenced in Jackson's "moving out"
  • Jackson calls Jesse his "uncle", when in fact, he is his great-nephew – however sometimes great-aunts/uncles are called "Aunt/Uncle" for short
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