My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding
Season 3, episode 10
Air date December 22, 2017
Writer(s) Marsh McCall
Director Rich Correll
Previous Wedding or Not Here We Come
Next Troller Coaster

My Best Friend's Japanese Wedding is episode ten in season three of Fuller House.


After arriving in Japan, Steve confronts Kimmy over D.J.'s confession while Matt still plans to propose to D.J. in Japan. After a mishap where C.J.'s wedding dress gets sucked inside of a high-powered talking toilet, Steve takes Kimmy's advice and goes to confess everything to D.J. at dinner that night but relents after hearing her accept Matt's proposal and decides not to intervene in their relationship.

At Steve and C.J.'s wedding the next day, D.J. (serving as a reluctant C.J.'s maid of honor) accidentally drops their wedding rings into the mouth of a 1,000-year-old fish that swims over a waterfall. D.J. jumps down the waterfall to save the rings while Steve jumps down the waterfall to save D.J. This event makes the two realize they are both still very much in love with each other as Steve calls off his wedding to C.J. and D.J. breaks off her engagement to Matt.


The opening credits and theme song are both in Japanese for this episode only, and the ending background is that of Tokyo.

The episode title is a take on the title of the 1997 rom-com "My Best Friend's Wedding". (There was also a Chinese version in 2016.)

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