My Little Hickey
Season 3, episode 4
My Little Hickey
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Maria Brown-Gallenberg
Director Jean Sagal
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My Little Hickey is episode four in season three of Fuller House.


Ramona gets a hickey from Bobby Popko. She hides it from Kimmy with Stephanie's help. She goes to laser tag with Popko that night, which annoys Kimmy who believes that laser tag is their thing. Kimmy goes to laser tag to surprise Ramona, and finds out about the hickey because the make-up that covers it glowed in the dark.

Kimmy is upset at Ramona for hiding the hickey from her. Stephanie helps Kimmy realize that she isn’t upset about the hickey, but is upset that Ramona isn’t going to her with every issue. Stephanie points out that Ramona has three mothers now that are always there for her.

Jackson's study group (apart from Rocki) cause trouble around the house by eating food, lying on Max's stuffed unicorn, and changing Cosmo's name to Derrick.

D.J. tells Max that the group looks to Jackson as a leader, and that makes him feel important.

Fernando is feeling lonely without Kimmy and Ramona around, and goes to extreme lengths to hang out at the Fuller household. D.J. tells him that he is always welcome there as long as she is away at work.


The episode title is a take on My Little Pony.

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