New Kids in the House
Season 2, episode 10
Fuller-House-Season-2-Photos (1)
Air date December 9, 2016
Writer(s) Boyd Hale & Marsh McCall
Director Rich Correll
Previous Glazed and Confused
Next DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion

New Kids in the House is episode ten in season two of the series Fuller House.



Kimmy buys concert tickets for New Kids on the Block for D.J.'s 39th birthday, but when she and Stephanie discover that the tickets are counterfeit, they attempt to make it up to D.J. by bringing the band to the house.

Steve Hale is among the guests, and his gift for D.J. is a replacement Pillow Person for the one that she had lost at summer camp when she was a kid.


Goof: There are two different versions of D.J. rubbing Joey McIntyre. The first is by the TV camera. The other one is on Stephanie's phone, which she showed to D.J. The second clip shows slightly different dialogue from the first one.

Goof: As this episode was set between Thanksgiving and Christmas, D.J.'s birthday in this episode is a continuity error as her actual birthday is February 9 (as was revealed in "13 Candles").

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