Full House
Full House
No Escape
Season 4, episode 5
Air date December 14, 2018
Writer(s) Will Griffin
Director Lynn McCracken
Previous Ghosted
Next Angels' Night Out

No Escape is episode five in season four of Fuller House.


D.J. and Steve go on a double date with Matt and his new girlfriend to Escape Room. When Gia ends up being the girlfriend, D.J. becomes competitive and hurts Steve.

Ramona and Jackson attend a rally for better school funding and Jackson takes Ramona's spotlight.

Kimmy, Fernando, Stephanie, and Jimmy attend a Lamaze class at the house, and the two couples clash over who gets to practice in the class. Kimmy later reveals to Stephanie that she doesn't want to give birth to the baby because then Stephanie won't like her anymore, but Stephanie tells her that they are friends.


  • in A Sense of Purpose Matt quotes he is 6' 2"; Gia describes him as 6' 3" after she enters the escape room. John Brotherton is actually 6' 1½"