Opening Night
Season 4, episode 13
Air date December 14, 2018
Writer(s) David A. Arnold
Director Mark Cendrowski
Previous The Prom
Next Welcome Home, Baby To Be Named Later

Opening Night is episode thirteen in season four of Fuller House.


D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy finally get tickets to see Hamilton, but Kimmy's water breaks just as the show begins and the girls rush her over to the hospital. Meanwhile, Fernando, Jimmy, and Max have gone to get sandwiches that Kimmy had banned from the house.

Jackson tries to sort things out with Rocki, but she does not want to be with him. But as they find out Kimmy was in labor, they have Rocki drive them there. Towards the end, Kimmy gives birth to Stephanie and Jimmy's baby girl. Jimmy proposes to Stephanie, and she says yes.


When Dr. Miller lists her preferences to Kimmy, she states "I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast, but I like hot butter on my breakfast toast", which is a variation on a line from the song "Rapper's Delight" by the Sugarhill Gang.

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