Our Very First Promo
Season 1, episode 12
Our very first promo
Air date December 18, 1987
Writer(s) Arthur Silver & Lenny Ripps
Director Richard Correll
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Our Very First Promo is episode twelve of season one of Full House. It originally aired on December 18, 1987.


The station where Danny works is filming promos showing the members of the news team at home, in an attempt to improve its ratings, which means a camera crew will be coming to the Tanner house. Everything seems to be in place when a woman named Ronnie (played by Belita Moreno) shows up at the house for the filming, but Danny is perplexed when her methods of producing spicy television include a dog named Da Vinci (named after Leonardo da Vinci), dressing Jesse up as an English butler, having D.J. and Stephanie dressed as perfect French girls, replacing sweet baby Michelle with an unknown child and completely removing Joey from the picture, so Danny needs to tell Ronnie off and show the viewers the real Tanner family. While she reminds him that he should "make a splash", he tells her that she's "splashed from another planet", and decides she should be behind-the-scenes by holding the cue cards, per Jesse, and that Danny will direct the ad himself (a decision that elicits not only the usual laughter but also applause from the studio audience).

Later, the family watches the promo for themselves, and even Kimmy comes by to watch it. The end result elicits applause from the family (as well as the audience), though Joey remarks that a poodle would have been a better choice if the dog were to be used in a future promo. D.J. asks about the usual allowance raise, and Danny decides they should wait until they get letters about it. Stephanie bets that they will get 18 the next day and D.J. calls her sister out for it. In the meantime, Danny treats everyone to ice cream for a job well done.

As all this is going on, Jesse and Joey try hard to locate the source of some strange animal noises in the house, which turns out to be a ferret, mistaken for monsters by Stephanie; however, D.J., being exactly twice Stephanie's age (10 to Stephanie's 5), assures her there are no monsters, not even in the closet or under either or both their beds. Jesse and Joey locate the ferret, and babble about what to do with it and even to assure the girls that there are no monsters. They sing "Born Free" as they walk into the kitchen with the ferret to join the family for the ice cream (as the audience applauds and the EP credits appear).


[In the garage, D.J. and Kimmy are having a chat just before Kimmy is about to go home.]
D.J.: So, Kimmy, wanna stay for dinner?
Kimmy: Maybe. What are you having?
D.J.: Joey's cooking, so I'm not really sure. It's something in an earth tone.
Kimmy: Pass. But if my dog Sinbad is hungry, I'll send him over.
[Suddenly, they spot...]
Stephanie: Don't do that, I love Sinbad!
D.J.: Stephanie, why are you following us?
Stephanie: Because you keep leaving me.
D.J.: Steph, I know you're only 5, and you have no life of your own, but Kimmy and I are talking woman-to-woman.
Stephanie: I'm a woman. I'm a little woman, but I'm a woman.
D.J.: Steph, when Kimmy leaves, you and I can have a nice sister-to-sister talk... unless I get a phone call.
Stephanie: You're so good to me. [She hears something.] Did you guys hear that noise? It sounded like a monster.
D.J.: Steph, you're always making up monster noises. There's nothing to worry about.
Kimmy: Although, you do look like that kid in Poltergeist, who got sucked up in the TV and said [in sing-song] 'They're ba-ack.'
Stephanie: Real funny.

Ronnie: I'm Ronnie. It's short for Veronica.
D.J.: I'm D.J. It's short for Donna Jo.
Stephanie: And I'm Stephanie. I'm just short.


This episode chronologically takes place before "Joey's Place".