Rocki is a recurring character (portrayed by Landry Bender) in seasons three and four of Fuller House. She is the daughter of Gia Mahan.



Rocki first meets Jackson Fuller in summer school. She humiliates him on his first day and is forced to apologize. When she takes too long, her mother walks into the house and is revealed to be Gia, much to D.J.'s dismay.

Rocki is part of Jackson's study group where she is the only girl and thinks that they were complete idiots. She is paired as Jackson's study partner, so Gia drops her off. Rocki spends the night and sleeps in Ramona's room.

The next morning, she shows a more tender side with Tommy, but reacts violently by punching Jackson in the arm when he teases her about it.

In "Fast Times at Bayview High", Rocki and Jackson kiss due to a fake rumor that Rocki spread about Jackson being a good kisser.

In season four, Rocki gets in an argument with Jackson. He wants a committed relationship but she refuses. Due to this, he breaks it off. Rocki does not want Jackson to be the one who breaks it off, she then goes to the Fuller house. It seems to be the end until she hints that Jackson will be the only one.

In “The Prom”, Jackson is talking bad about Rocki not knowing that she is right behind him. Rocki ends it because she could not trust him. In the next episode when Stephanie Tanner and Jimmy Gibbler‘s baby arrives, Rocki holds Jackson Fuller‘s hand.

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