Rustanie is a pairing of Rust/y and Steph/anie. It is a love/hate relationship.

Rusty: "Stephanie, you know what happens tonight? You get a New Year's kiss." (makes kissing sounds)
Stephanie: "Ew, gross. I'd rather kiss a frog!"
Rusty: "Ribbit, ribbit!" (continues as Stephanie runs off)

In "Happy New Year", Rusty teases Stephanie that he is going to kiss her at midnight. She says that she'd rather kiss a frog, to which he responds "ribbit". At midnight, Stephanie bites into an onion and says, "Well, I'm ready for my kiss". Rusty says that he was never going to kiss her and that he had just been torturing her. Stephanie says "Oh, well, in that case, Happy New Year" and proceeded to pull him and kiss him. He finally got off and hugged his mother. Danny and Cindy just laughed at the incident.

Hints of attraction

  • "Happy New Year"
    • Stephanie kisses Rusty even though she'd been trying to get away from the kiss (because she has onion breath)
  • "Stephanie Plays the Field"
    • He glares at Bret when Steph brings him inside hinting jealousy
    • Rusty says that he and his team would kick Bret's team, also hinting jealousy and that they are rivals
    • He calls her a babe