Say Yes to the Dress
Season 3, episode 7
Say Yes to the Dress
Air date September 22, 2017
Writer(s) Kate Spurgeon
Director Rich Correll
Previous M-M-M-My Ramona
Next Maybe Baby

Say Yes to the Dress is episode seven in season three of Fuller House.


Kimmy organizes a bridal meeting that becomes a karaoke. Steve and D.J. sing "Summer Nights," leaving C.J. and Matt uncomfortable because of the friends' close past.

Steve asks D.J. to help him try on ties' D.J. ends up wearing C.J.'s wedding dress. After being caught, she reassures C.J. that there is nothing between here and Steve. Steve goes to talk to D.J. later that night, and they receive a photo from the bridal store of them in the tuxedo and dress.

Stephanie finds out that she was not invited to the premiere of a film that her song "The Boy Next Door" was featured in. To cheer her up, her family stage a red carpet party and treat her like a star. Stephanie finds out that her song is only in 5 seconds of the movie, but appreciates the effort her family went to.

Gia drops Rocki off to study during karaoke, and she ends up spending the night. Her rebellious nature clashes with the Fuller house's upbeat vibe. She ends up wearing a pink dress and acting happy when Gia arrives.

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