Scott Weinger
General information
Birth: October 5, 1975
Occupation(s): Actor, writer, producer
Series information
First appearance: Sisters in Crime
Last appearance: Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)
Portrays: Steve Hale
Other information
Spouse: Rina Mimoun (m. 2008; 1 son)
Interests: -
Education: Harvard University

Scott Eric Weinger (pronounced wine-gur) is the actor portraying Steve Hale, D.J. Tanner's boyfriend, on Full House. He appears on fifty episodes of the show throughout four seasons, starting with "Sisters in Crime" and ending with "Michelle Rides Again (Part 2)", in a cameo appearance. He also appears in Fuller House, first in a recurring role in season one, then a main role in seasons two through five.

Early life

Weinger was born on October 5, 1975 in New York City. He is of Jewish heritage. He is the oldest of five, having three younger sisters and one younger brother. In the fall of 1994, he attended Harvard University.[1]


Perhaps his most famous role has been the speaking voice of Aladdin in the 1992 film, its direct-to-video sequels The Return of Jafar (1994) and Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996), and the TV series (1994–1996). (The singing voice of Aladdin was provided by Brad Kane.)

Full House was not his first time playing a "Steve". In two previous series, he played roles with the first name of Steve: guest-starring appearances in two Life Goes On season one episodes, and he starred in the short-lived sitcom The Family Man (alongside Gail Edwards).

After Full House ended, Weinger made guest-starring appearances on other shows, including Walker, Texas Ranger.


  • He is left-handed, and as a result, always wore his watches on his right arm on Full House, but in Fuller House, he can be seen wearing watches on his left arm
  • He attended the Aladdin premiere (1992) at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood with Candace Cameron[2]
    • In 2015, at a special event held there, in a pre-recorded video message, he apologized to the audience for not being able to make it, and introduced Brad Kane[3]
    • He was also Candace's date at her prom
  • Having met Kellie Martin through his Life Goes On guest appearances (when they were in their early teens), they dated (in their late teens) from 1993 to 1995[4]
  • In 1994 (either end of season 7 or start of 8), he and Candace appeared on America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget (who referred to him as Candace's "ex-TV boyfriend" [as this aired after "Love on the Rocks"]), and helped wrap up with their twist on the closing catchphrase; Scott took "Until next week...", and Candace took "...keep those cameras safely rolling"[1]



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