Season two of Fuller House was released on December 9, 2016.


The family experiences a new year of life’s moments big and small from the start of a new school year, to budding romances to coming together for the holidays. There’s nothing like spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day with the people you love – because life is fuller with family.





The second season consists of 13 episodes.

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Title Directed by Written by
14 1 "Welcome Back" Rich Correll Jeff Franklin
15 2 "Mom Interference" Rich Correll Boyd Hale
16 3 "Ramona's Not-So-Epic First Kiss" Rich Correll Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski
17 4 "Curse of Tanner Manor" Rich Correll Marsh McCall
18 5 "Doggy Daddy" Katy Garretson Erin Cardillo & Richard Keith
19 6 "Fuller Thanksgiving" Katy Garretson Jordana Arkin
20 7 "Girl Talk" Joanna Kerns Nancy Cohen
21 8 "A Tangled Web" Joanna Kerns Craig Shoemaker
22 9 "Glazed and Confused" Mark Cendrowski Eydie Faye
23 10 "New Kids in the House" Rich Correll Boyd Hale & Marsh McCall
24 11 "DJ and Kimmy's High School Reunion" Eric Dean Seaton Bryan Behar & Steve Baldikoski
25 12 "Nutcrackers" Dave Coulier Kate Spurgeon
26 13 "Happy New Year Baby" Jeff Franklin Jeff Franklin


Season two was confirmed less than a week after the first season was released on Netflix, and in honor of its debut and the holiday season, a trailer was released with the cast giving their take on "The Night Before Christmas".[1]

It is the first season (of either series) that contains an episode directed and/or written by one of the show's actors: Dave Coulier.




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