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Full House Season 6 opening

Season six of the sitcom Full House originally aired on ABC between September 22, 1992 and May 18, 1993.

Michelle is named Princess for a Day at Disney World. D.J. attends her very first prom. Stephanie and Michelle head for Auckland, New Zealand. (They thought the flight announcement said, "Oakland".) Joey adds laughs as he shares the mic at Jesse's new disc jockey job. Danny gets up the nerve to propose to Vicky. High school dropout Jesse finally makes the grade; he goes back to school to get his diploma.


In season six, Danny proposes to Vicky as she gladly accepts. Jesse and Joey are both fired from their daytime jobs and instead become radio hosts on the show "Rush Hour Renegades", which eventually turns into a success. Rebecca also has to deal with Jesse's recent climb to stardom as he tours Japan with his band for the first half of the season. D.J. gets her first real boyfriend, Steve, and turns fifteen as she begins her sophomore year in high school; Michelle turns six and starts first grade; and Stephanie turns ten and starts fifth grade. Nicky and Alex turn two years old.

Main cast


Teaser change

The show's logo now swirls to the center instead of to the left and has its black shadow from its title sequence counterpart.

Opening-credits Sequence

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The credits for the adult actors (Stamos, Saget, Coulier, and Loughlin) were filmed on location in San Francisco. This sequence was used from seasons four to seven. The girls are introduced on the set, showing D.J. looking into her compact mirror while putting on lipstick, Stephanie turning on her boombox and dancing, Michelle playing with Comet in the kitchen, and Kimmy checking the Tanners' mailbox. Scott Weinger is also introduced as a main character for the first time, and his character is seen taking food from (presumably) the Tanners' refrigerator. The last scene features the twins (credited at the end, for this season only, see Recurring) playing with Jesse in the living room. The sequence ends with Danny, Jesse, and Joey hanging out at Fisherman's Wharf and fades to the family having a picnic on Alamo Square, which would be seen throughout the remainder of the series. Also, for the remainder of the series, the show's logo and opening credits are now colored in yellow, like in the teaser (while remaining colored in white for syndicated repeat bumpers), and the extended theme song is discontinued in favor of the abbreviated theme song (which was often used in the first five seasons, regardless of airing), meaning the only images seen in the opening are the family getting off a Powell & Market Sts. cable car as it stops, and then running towards the camera as usual (no updates from this point forward).

In syndication

Repeats of this season bypass the opening verse of the theme song, and go straight to the chorus.

NHK Japan version

For this version, the scenes of the family getting off the cable car as it stops, and also running towards the camera segue into the credits used as stated above, but with the text removed from the video shots of the characters and instead placed below the box, with "Mary/Ashley Olsen" credited 6th, as in seasons 2–7.

Closing-credits Sequence

The long-running closing sequence of using shots from the opening sequence is discontinued in favor of using stills from that day's episode (teaser included) and bottom aligning the credits; following the theme song credits, the remaining credits are changed to have the header left-aligned and the name right-aligned. In addition, the copyright date is changed from Roman numerals to regular numerals, and the Lorimar Television logo changes the byline to "A Time Warner Entertainment Company".

Production changes

Starting with this season, Marc Warren and Dennis Rinsler, who joined the staff in season two as producers and promoted to supervising producers in season four, then promoted again to co-executive producers in the previous season, were promoted once more to executive producers and showrunners and joined Jeff Franklin, Thomas L. Miller, and Robert L. Boyett as executive producers. However, instead of having all five EP credits at the end of an episode, Warren's and Rinsler's credits are seen at the end of the intro, preceding Franklin's creator credit. This move would allow Franklin to also focus on his new sitcom, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper (which followed on Tuesdays at 8:30p/7:30p C, and then move to the TGIF lineup at 9:30/8:30 C starting the following season to make way for the sitcom Phenom in its former Tuesday slot). In addition, Don Van Atta was promoted from producer to co-executive producer. This would continue for the remainder of the series.

This was also the final season in which Lorimar Television produced the show; with Warner Communications' purchase of Lorimar-Telepictures/Lorimar Television in 1989, Warner Bros. Television officially took over production for the final two seasons.

Personnel changes

In addition to the above promotions, Jay Abramowitz, Tom Amundsen, Bonnie Bogard, and Tom Burkhard join the crew as the new co-producers, with Miles Kristman as production supervisor.


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Title Directed by Written by Original air date
121 1 "Come Fly With Me" Joel Zwick Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler September 22, 1992
The family is waiting for D.J. to come home from Spain, but she returns with Steve, as her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, when Stephanie meets a boy in a singing group, Stephanie and Michelle accidentally stowaway on a plane to New Zealand, confusing nearby Oakland, California with Auckland, New Zealand.
122 2 "The Long Goodbye" Joel Zwick Ellen Guylas September 29, 1992
Michelle attempts to "kidnap" her best friend, Teddy (Tahj Mowry), when she finds out that he is moving to Texas. Meanwhile, Vicky gets a new job in Chicago, and Danny is making important decisions on how they will maintain a long-distance relationship.
123 3 "Road to Tokyo" Joel Zwick Ken Hecht October 6, 1992
Jesse's song "Forever" is #1 on the music charts in Japan; but the pleasures of Jesse's stardom affect Becky in a negative way, and Jesse gets offered a year-long tour across the Pacific. Meanwhile, D.J. tries to help Kimmy run for student body president.
124 4 "Radio Days" Richard Correll Tom Burkhard October 13, 1992
Jesse and Joey are offered jobs as afternoon radio DJs, but when Joey makes jokes about Jesse, they start arguing with each other. Meanwhile, Joey deals with Mr. Strowbridge's wife as a partner, and Stephanie's short story has characters that are closely related to D.J. and Steve.
125 5 "Lovers and Other Tanners" Joel Zwick Jay Abramowitz October 20, 1992
D.J. forgets all her priorities when her relationship with Steve begins to grow, causing Danny to forbid them from seeing each other. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey debut their radio show Rush Hour Renegades, although Jesse comes down with a cold right before the show.
126 6 "Educating Jesse" Joel Zwick Tom Burkhard October 27, 1992
Jesse reveals to the family that he dropped out of high school, which makes him want to go back after refusing to help D.J. and Kimmy with their "Stay in School" campaign. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to learn how to tie her shoes.
127 7 "Trouble in Twin Town" Joel Zwick Ellen Guylas November 10, 1992
Becky's rich cousins, Dick and Donna Donaldson, come to visit with their twin daughters, and are going to enter them in a local "Best Twins" contest. The twins are brats, and Dick and Donna will not stop insulting Jesse, which prompts Jesse to enter Nicky and Alex into the contest so that he can beat them.
128 8 "The Play's the Thing" Joel Zwick Tom Amundsen November 17, 1992

Jesse and Joey direct Michelle's play, "Yankee Doodle", and Michelle really wants to play the lead role of Yankee Doodle because both of her sisters played the part when they were her age. Jesse and Joey choose her, but the last person to audition is clearly better than Michelle, so Jesse and Joey pick them and Michelle is infuriated. Meanwhile, Danny tries to spend time with D.J. because he feels like he is losing her.

129 9 "Nice Guys Finish First" Joel Zwick Jamie Tatham & Chuck Tatham November 24, 1992
Joey plans to play in a charity hockey game, but an old acquaintance comes back to hassle Joey with a bad memory that Joey would much rather forget. Meanwhile, Michelle is scared by Goatboy and Muttman stories, and gets more afraid when Joey starts acting aggressive.
130 10 "I'm Not D.J." Richard Correll Sarit Katz & Gloria Ketterer December 1, 1992

Stephanie wants badly to get her ears pierced, but Danny will not let her until she is 13 (the age D.J. was when she got hers pierced). Tired and fed up of having to follow in D.J.'s footsteps, Stephanie unwisely lets Kimmy pierce her ears and they get infected. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex get their first haircut at Joey's Uncle Jasper's barber shop.

131 11 "Designing Mothers" Joel Zwick Sarit Katz & Gloria Ketterer December 8, 1992
Vicky's mother re-decorates Stephanie and Michelle's room, but Danny is not ready to change his ways or his environment. Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey get a new boss, which frightens them.
132 12 "A Very Tanner Christmas" Joel Zwick Jay Abramowitz December 15, 1992
The Tanners celebrate Christmas, only for D.J. to find out that Steve is planning to move to Florida for college, upon graduating. Meanwhile, Becky misses having White Christmases in Nebraska, and Jesse takes Stephanie and Michelle to a homeless shelter to show them the real meaning of Christmas.
133 13 "The Dating Game" Joel Zwick Jerry Winnick January 5, 1993
Stephanie "goes out" with a friend, thinking that it is an actual date. It turns out to be a get-together with the boy's baseball team, and Stephanie is embarrassed because she dressed up. Meanwhile, Joey has a crush on his boss at the radio station, so Jesse sets up a date for them.
134 14 "Birthday Blues" John Tracy Mark Fink January 19, 1993
Preoccupied by celebrating her six months with Steve, D.J. forgets about Kimmy's 16th birthday, so a last-minute party is concocted with the help of her family. Will Kimmy realize this?
135 15 "Be True to Your Preschool" Joel Zwick Tom Amundsen January 26, 1993
Jesse lies on an application for the twins to get into an exclusive pre-school. Kimmy gets her driver's license, and the girls end up getting locked out of her brother's car, "The Wild Thing".
136 16 "The Heartbreak Kid" Joel Zwick Cathy Jung February 9, 1993
Steve gives Michelle a Valentine's Day cookie, which leads to her believing that Steve wants to marry her. However, after a cute mock ceremony, Michelle discovers it is not the real thing, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Jesse tries to figure out how to use a computer and Danny and Joey reminisce about an old flame.
137 17 "Silence is Not Golden" Joel Zwick Ken Hecht February 16, 1993
Stephanie is paired up with her nemesis on a school project. He comes to her house to work on it and Stephanie finds out that his father physically abuses him, but she is sworn to secrecy. The next day, he is not at school, and Stephanie is worried. After school, Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jesse, who calls the city and has the boy put into a foster home away from his father. Stephanie feels guilty at first about the boy being separated from his father, but then she realizes that telling an adult was the right thing to do, and starts to appreciates her own father. In a similar subplot, when Michelle runs up the family's phone bill, her older sister teaches her a very important lesson.
138 18 "Please Don't Touch the Dinosaur" John Tracy Jamie Tatham & Chuck Tatham February 23, 1993
Danny and Jesse chaperones Michelle's class trip to the museum, but Jesse is unable to keep discipline in his group of kids, leading to terrible events. Meanwhile, Stephanie accidentally gives one of Joey's valuable baseball cards to Steve.
139 19 "Subterranean Graduation Blues" John Tracy Story by: Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler

Teleplay by: Tom Burkhard

March 2, 1993
On the way to his high school graduation, Jesse and the family get stuck on the subway. Again, Kimmy babysits the twins, with disastrous results again, involving finger paint.
140 20 "Grand Gift Auto" John Tracy Ellen Guylas March 16, 1993
Joey gets D.J. a 1977 Pontiac Firebird for her sweet sixteen (birthday), but later, it is revealed that Joey did not get a pink slip showing that he bought the car, making the police officer believe that he stole it.
141 21 "Room for One More?" Tom Rickard Story by: Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler

Teleplay by: Stacey Hur

April 6, 1993
Jesse tries to prove to Becky that they can have another baby, despite their busy lives, and the responsibilities of taking care of Nicky and Alex. But it turns out to be a disaster when Stephanie and Michelle care for a neighbor's pig, Nicky has a cold, Joey gets rollerblade injuries, and Becky gets a new weekend job.
142 22 "Prom Night" Joel Zwick Adrienne Armstrong & Martie Cook May 4, 1993

D.J. and Steve go to the prom, where Steve and his ex-girlfriend are announced as "King" and "Queen" of the prom. Meanwhile, Danny feels intimidated when he finds out Vicki is older and stronger than him.

143 23 "The House Meets the Mouse (Part 1)" Joel Zwick Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler May 11, 1993
When Jesse is sent to Walt Disney World, he brings Becky for their anniversary, however, the Tanners get to go too. While there, Joey goes to Disney-MGM Studios and draws an animation of himself, which comes to life. Jesse must work instead of spending time with Becky. Danny keeps trying to propose to Vicky. And D.J., Kimmy, Stephanie, and Michelle find an attraction where the first person to "make the genie appear" by rubbing a "magic lamp" gets three wishes. Michelle cuts in front of Stephanie and gets the three wishes. She uses her first on to ride anything with no lines. They then ride the carousel over six times and Michelle will not let them ride anything else. When Michelle overhears the other girls' conversation about how bossy she's getting, she runs away. Meanwhile, D.J. sees Steve in everyone (including Prince Charming, Peter Pan, Robin Hood, Bert, and Aladdin, who was also voiced by Scott Weinger).
144 24 "The House Meets the Mouse (Part 2)" Joel Zwick Marc Warren & Dennis Rinsler May 18, 1993
Michelle uses her second wish to have a tea party. Jesse and Joey do their report underwater in a diving bell. However, Joey is afraid to go back up when he sees a shark; this causes Jesse to miss his picnic with Becky. Much to Stephanie's annoyance, Michelle after running away gets in trouble but still gets to have her tea party. When they go see the Indiana Jones Stunt Show, Danny reveals that he has found an un-interruption way to propose to Vicky. After the show, Stephanie asks to go back to the hotel because she "isn't feeling well". Stephanie also says under her breath that her day wasn't as big as Michelle's and Michelle hears this. While D.J. and Kimmy are at the hotel, they see Steve there checking in, and says he could not stand to be away from D.J. Michelle does the right thing and uses her third wish to give Stephanie her "Princess of the Day" title. The whole family then ride on the main float with Mickey Mouse. They all then go to Jesse's concert and he dedicates "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" to Becky. As the fireworks go into the sky, one reads "Vicky, will you marry me?" and Vicky says yes.