Sparky is a Jack Russell Terrier, who is owned by Teddy and his family.


  • "One Last Kiss" (4.9): He attends Comet's birthday party, and Michelle wants to keep him because Comet has grown too big for her. To hide him from the rest of the family, she puts bunny ears on him and calls him "Peanut". D.J. sees him and he is taken home.
  • "The Volunteer" (5.7): He is given four out of five stars in the Tanners' dog show, which he won for his "funny walk".
  • "A House Divided" (7.24): He is one of the pack of dogs ("Comet's friends") used by Michelle and her friends to try and fail the house inspection, so the family would not be moving out. And he is the clever one who takes the "doggy bag".