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Tanner house

The Tanner house is the primary location of Full House and Fuller House. Nine people (plus their respective dog) live there. On the show, the street address is 1882 Gerrard Street in San Francisco, California. (See #Trivia for actual locations.)

Front Door


The entrance to the house is shown from outside at the end of the opening credits with a zoom-out from seasons 1–3, with a zoom-in in the closing credits of the first two seasons. While the bulk of the zoom-ups on it at the beginning of most episodes suggest the action starts in the living room, the action could start in any room on the bottom floor.

Living Room


The main room of the house, where the bulk of the action takes place, includes a living area, alcove, fireplace, television, a front door, and a staircase leading upstairs. Its window is on the lower left, as shown in random zoom-ups; however, the bulk of the zoom-ups are on the door.



Located next to the living room, it is where the family prepares meals and includes a dining area where they eat together. It also includes a stairway leading upstairs and downstairs, a back door leading to the porch, and a small laundry area for the washer and dryer. There are two entrances to the kitchen, the aforementioned entrance from the living room, and the other from the other side of the living room where the laundry area must be passed first.


D.J. & Stephanie's room (seasons 1–4)

D.J. / Michelle and Stephanie's Room

Until the series started, it was D.J.'s room. In seasons 1–4, it is D.J. and Stephanie's room. In the season five episode, "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?", it becomes Stephanie and Michelle's room. It is exactly across from Jesse's/Joey's room and is right next to the bathroom. In Fuller House, it becomes Jackson and Max's room. Its window is on the upper left. In all cases, the older sibling's bed is aligned vertically facing the door, while the younger sibling's bed is aligned horizontally facing the door (or vice versa, from the camera's point of view).

On the actual set of the show, the room is directly next to the living room.[1]


Jesse's room (seasons 1–4)

Jesse's / Joey's Room

In seasons 1–4, it is Jesse's room. Prior to season one, it was Stephanie's room. In the episode "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang" (season 4), it becomes Joey's room. It is exactly across from the girls' room. In Fuller House, it becomes Ramona's room. In the episodes "The Seven-Month Itch (Part 2)" (season 1) and "Fuller House" (season 4), after Jesse moves out, Stephanie moves back in temporarily.


Michelle's bedroom (season 1–4)

Michelle's/D.J.'s Room

This is Michelle's room until the season five episode "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?", where Michelle moves across the hall and D.J. takes the room. It is exactly across from the bathroom. In Fuller House, it becomes Tommy's room. Its window is on the upper right.


Danny's Room

Seen in only a few episodes, it has its own bathroom, a fireplace (in which you can hear what's going on in the living room, as revealed in "13 Candles") and is always neat and tidy. In Fuller House, it becomes D.J.'s room.



Seen in only a few episodes, Stephanie once tried making her bedroom in here, and D.J. and Stephanie accidentally dropped Danny's wedding ring into the sink. It is right next to the girls' room and is exactly across from Michelle's (later D.J.'s) room. It is remodeled in season five.

Garage / Basement

Located under the kitchen, it was originally intended to be the garage, but in the season one episode "Joey's Place", it was turned into a bedroom for Joey. In the season four episode "Fuller House", it becomes Jesse's studio. In the season five episode "Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Little Girl Gone?", it is remodeled, complete with a red light, which, if illuminated, means that recording is in session and the room can't be entered until the light is off. In Fuller House, it becomes Stephanie's room.


Jesse and Rebecca's attic apartment (seasons 4–8)


First mentioned in "Our Very First Christmas Show", it first appeared in "Slumber Party". In "Fuller House" (episode) and "The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang", Jesse (with the help of Joey) recreates it into a living area for Jesse and Rebecca, and later Nicky and Alex. In Fuller House, it becomes Kimmy's room.

Full house backyard


Staircases / Hallway

It is usually used as a transitioning for a scene.


All outside action takes place on this part of the property.


  • The Tanners' home address, as given on the show, did not actually exist. There is a Girard Street in San Francisco, California but it's pretty run down, and there is no number 1882. In fact, 1320 Girard Street is the last house on the street before it passes Fratessa Court and curves to an end at San Bruno Avenue.[2]
  • The sitcoms opening credits, showing are scenes of the Tanner family frolicking on immaculately maintained green grass, overlooking an amazing view of grand Victorian homes with the San Francisco skyline peeking up behind, hidden in the big city were captured in a residential neighborhood park called Alamo Square. This park legitimately boasts a view of all those images we know and love, including the romantically historical mansions (which are actually the majestic "Painted Ladies" of American architecture).[3][4][5]
  • The iconic "Tanner House" or "Full House house" pictured at the top of the page and in the sitcoms opening credits, are actually images of the home located at 1709 Broderick Street in the San Francisco neighborhood of Pacific Heights.[6]
    • On December 1, 2016, series creator/Executive Producer Jeff Franklin bought the house for $4 million reportedly with plans to either film there or open it to the public.[7] This led to some concerns among the neighbors about growing tourist activity there.[8][9] However, Franklin decided later to suspend his original ideas. He even paid for "No Double Parking" signs to be posted on the street.[10] In July 2018, after receiving so many complaints from neighbors about traffic congestion and noise, the SFMTA voted to ban tour buses from parking on that street.[11]
  • Full House was filmed almost entirely at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank on Stage 24.[12]
  • The Stephanie, Michelle, and Sisters book series portray the house as having three floors; apparently counting the attic as the third floor. In addition, the books portray that Joey's room is once again the basement, so it is unknown who sleeps in his usual room or what it becomes. In addition, Stephanie and Michelle continue to share the same room, even after Stephanie begins and then graduates from high school.
  • In 1994 (during the time of taping season 7), Bob Saget gave a tour of the Full House set in a series of segments on Entertainment Tonight, even revealing that the outside of the actual house would have to be a "giant mushroom" to fit all the bedrooms (which are not upstairs in reality, see above).[13]


Fuller House House Interior 001

Fuller House living room

Fuller House

For the spin-off series, the show's creators did a good job of re-creating the home, while updating it with some modern touches.


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