The Long Goodbye
Season 6, episode 2
The long goodbye.png
Air date September 29, 1992
Writer(s) Ellen Guylas
Director Joel Zwick
Previous Come Fly With Me
Next Road to Tokyo

The Long Goodbye is episode two in season six of Full House. It originally aired on September 29, 1992.

Opening Teaser

Joey, Nicky and Alex are blowing bubbles in the living room. Michelle walks in and tells him she finds blowing bubbles "baby-ish". He decides to change her attitude by putting the bottles and wands down, and using a bubble gun instead. It works, and she pops the bubbles, eventually joining in.



Teddy tells Michelle that he will be moving to Amarillo, Texas as his father got a new job there. Michelle, who is afraid that she might possibly lose her best friend forever, tries anything and everything to stop Teddy from moving – even tying him to a chair in the bedroom (shown in the picture in this section). Joey helps Michelle realize that as hard as it is and even may be, she must say goodbye to Teddy. He even tells Michelle about his own experiences about being away from loved ones and all his old friends, from all his constant moves across the country to his dad, Colonel Gladstone, being away in the military. He adds that both can still be friends and make new ones and can occasionally write letters to each other and call each other sometimes.

Meanwhile, Danny and Vicky re-examine their long-distance relationship, and Michelle gives Nicky and Alex a doll, much to the dismay of Jesse, who does not think that his sons should play with dolls.

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