The Miracle of Thanksgiving
Season 1, episode 9
Full House 109 The Miracle of Thanksgiving 013 0001
Air date November 20, 1987
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin & Russell Marcus
Director Peter Baldwin
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The Miracle of Thanksgiving is episode nine of season one of Full House. It originally aired on November 20, 1987.

Plot Summary

When Danny's first Thanksgiving Day without Pam arrives, he is determined to make the day extra special for his daughters, who are also taking it really hard. And Grandma Tanner is unable to make it as expected, because a snowstorm in Washington state has stranded her at her home. Joey says that the guys having to cook Thanksgiving dinner will be a Thanksgiving miracle. He even says that had the pilgrims landed in Florida, they would be eating flamingo instead of turkey.

The men are inspired to make restaurant reservations. However, D.J. and Stephanie encourage them to have the traditional festivities at home. But the results involve a burned turkey, a spilled pumpkin pie, and lots of tears. And the biggest challenge of all is how Jesse has not yet come to terms with Pam's death.


Danny: Okay, it's quiz time. How is Thanksgiving gonna be?
Stephanie: Super great!
Danny: Ding ding ding! That's correct. And now, D.J. to tie. How is Thanksgiving gonna be?
Stephanie: [imitates buzzer] Time's up. What do I win?

D.J.: [as she and Danny walk into Danny’s room and sit on the small table in front of the bed] Dad, you don’t have to tell me. I know I ruined Thanksgiving for everybody.
Danny: You didn’t ruin anything.
D.J.: I let Mom down.
Danny: Why? Because of the turkey? D.J., Mom knew Thanksgiving wasn’t about turkeys. It’s about family, and being thankful for what we have. I’m thankful I’ve got you. You’re the one who pulled us all together tonight.
D.J.: You’re just trying to make me feel better.
Danny: Is it working?
D.J.: No.
Danny: You think you feel bad? I feel worse.
D.J.: You couldn’t.
Danny: Oh yeah? Wait till I tell you what’s been going on. I felt so bad about your frozen turkey that I offered those ladies $200 for theirs.
D.J.: Dad, that’s crazy. You should have just told me the truth and given me the $200. [smiles] That would have made me feel better.

Jesse: When's it gonna stop hurting, man? ... I keep thinking the pain's gonna go away but... it doesn't. I see pictures, I think of her... I get this feeling, this empt... [He can't bring himself to finish the sentence.]
Danny: [goes over and sits on the bed] I know that feeling, Jesse. And I don't think it ever completely goes away. Sometimes it's easier... but on days like this, it's real hard. But, you don't have to go through this alone.
Jesse: I'm missing her, man. This... it's so hard for me to talk about it.
Danny: Talking about it, that's what helps me. Talking about the memories. That's what keeps her in your heart.
Jesse: Yeah?
Danny: Yeah.
Jesse: [sighs and wipes away a tear] Everybody knows the story of how I got my hair all chopped up and everything, but... I bet you don't know how I retaliated. [grabbing a photo album] Look at this. Did you ever see your wife with red, white, and blue hair?
Danny: I think she looked cute! How'd you do this?
Jesse: Picture this: it was the middle of the night... two things of finger paints, and vanilla pudding. I was a wicked little five-year-old, wasn't I? [They laugh.]
Danny: I'm glad you're here, Jesse.

[At the dining table, as with many families, before the Thanksgiving meal, there's a prayer.]
Danny: Lord, as we gather this Thanksgiving, we wanna thank you for this bountiful... yet slightly overcooked, reheated meal.
Everybody: Amen.
Danny: But what we're most thankful for... is being part of a family who really loves each other.
Everybody: Amen.
Jesse: And God bless my mom and dad who are in Orange County with all my dad's goofy relatives.
Everybody: Amen.
Joey: And I'd just like to say I'm happy to be part of this family and God bless my dad and his third wife... Janice. And to my mom who's on a Thanksgiving gambling junket to Atlantic City. Seven come eleven, Mom.
Everybody: Amen.
D.J.: Carve the turkey, Dad.
Danny: My pleasure. Okay, who wants white meat?
D.J.: I do. I want some.
Stephanie: Me.
Danny: [carves into the burned turkey] Okay, scratch the white meat. We have dark meat and really dark meat.
Jesse: Yeah.
Stephanie: All right.


  • This is the only Thanksgiving episode in the Full House series (until Fuller House's "Fuller Thanksgiving").
  • The song in the dinner preparation scene is "Get Ready". It was actually performed by the cast (without lip-syncing).
  • The Season 1 DVD has an option where viewers can watch this episode featuring show trivia.