Full House
Full House
The Prom
Season 4, episode 12
Air date December 14, 2018
Writer(s) Maria Brown-Gallenberg
Director Dave Coulier
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The Prom is episode twelve in season four of Fuller House.


Prom night brings big problems for Jackson and Ramona. Jackson convinces a reluctant Rocki to be his date while Ramona and Casey go as friends. Ramona sees Bobby on a date with her rival, Sienna, and Jackson gets caught insulting Rocki in front of his teammates.

A power-hungry D.J. takes her role as head chaperone a little too seriously. Gia is also chaperoning, which irks D.J.

Kimmy and Stephanie try to have a final girls' night in together watching DVDs before the baby is born. But are interrupted by Joey and Fernando, who draft the ladies into judging their chili cook-off.


This is the final appearance of Ben J. Pierce as Joey Casey.

Goof: D.J. says of Steve that after the prom, back in 1995, they did not see each other for the next 25 years. It was actually 21 years.