The Wedding (Part 1)
Season 4, episode 18
The wedding 1
Air date February 8, 1991
Writer(s) Joel Zwick
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous A Fish Called Martin
Next The Wedding (Part 2)

The Wedding (Part 1) is episode eighteen of season four of Full House. It originally aired on February 8, 1991.

Opening Teaser

See #Quotes.


It is the day before Jesse and Becky's wedding. Stephanie and D.J., who will be bridesmaids, are using Danny's camcorder to tape the events leading up to the big event itself, which they also plan to tape. Becky's sister, Connie Anderson, has arrived and brought her son, Howie, with her, but he and flower girl Michelle do not remember each other from the visit two years before (in "Baby Love"), and they go through a phase of dislike for the opposite sex.

Soon after Connie and Howie arrive, Becky's parents, Kenneth and Nedra Donaldson, arrive. Kenneth explains that they would have arrived earlier, had a hoodlum on a motorcycle not cut them off. Jesse shows up and explains that he would have been home earlier if he had not been stuck behind an "old walnut" who was driving too slow. When they see each other's face, Kenneth realizes that Jesse was the hoodlum on the motorcycle and Jesse realizes that Kenneth was the old walnut. From the start, it seems that they couldn't get along with each other. This upsets Becky, but Nedra tries to assure her that things will be all right.

Danny and Joey are mistakenly given each other's tuxedoes – which they realize after wearing them. Then, while they are in the middle of exchanging them (with the pants at their ankles, and the humiliating moment included in the video), Nedra walks into the kitchen and yells, which brings in her husband, Becky, and Jesse.

Later, Kenneth, who used to perform in rodeos, has a talk with Jesse. They agree to get along with each other, and Kenneth says that marrying Nedra meant that he had to retire from the rodeo circuit. That makes Jesse want to have one last adventure as a single guy before getting married.

At 7:00 a.m. the next day, just three hours away from the wedding, Jesse has Joey go to the airport with him, and he talks Joey, who has a pilot's license, into taking him up in a plane so that he can skydive. As soon as Joey is over the area where it will take place, Jesse jumps out and opens his parachute, yelling "Have mercy!"

Later, at the church, as Michelle and Howie become friends again and the flower girl herself gets a part in the video of the big event (see Quotes), everyone is wondering why Jesse has not arrived yet. What no one knows is that he is just "hanging around" (unintentionally). The parachute got caught by a tree limb, high up in the tree, and he is yelling for help. ("To Be Continued..." appears, followed by the EP credits, and an iris out for comedic effect.)


[The opening teaser: Danny and Michelle are in the living room, as they rehearse her role as flower girl.]
Danny: Alright, Michelle. Now when your Uncle Jesse and your soon-to-be Aunt Becky get married tomorrow, you're gonna have the most important job of all: flower girl.
Michelle: Loving it, loving it. What's a flower girl? (see Trivia)
Danny: Well, believe it or not, a flower girl is a girl who throws flowers.
Michelle: I believe it.
Danny: Now, you just stand over here, and watch as I demonstrate. [In lieu of flowers, they use facial tissues.] Very simple. We step and throw, step and throw. Now, you try it.
Michelle: [as she's throwing, and repeatedly singing in the tune of the first line of the "Bridal Chorus"] Here comes Michelle, here comes Michelle...
Danny: [as he picks up the thrown tissues] Very good, honey. That's enough, sweetheart. I got the point. You're wasting tissues, honey. Please, Michelle. Honey, honey. This is not funny, sweetheart. These were trees once.

[The older girls start making a video in the kitchen. "The Making of a Wedding".]
Stephanie: [at the bottom of the stairs, aiming the camera up] And... action!
D.J.: [coming down the stairs, looking at the camera lens] D.J. Tanner presents... The Making [cut to the viewfinder with "REC" in the lower right] of a Wedding. A D.J. Tanner production of a D.J. Tanner film. Written and directed... by D.J. Tanner.
Stephanie: [not happy about being left out] Cut! Aren't you forgetting something?
D.J.: Oh yeah, sorry.
Stephanie: Action!
D.J.: Hosted by D.J. Tanner. Hi [waves]. I'm D.J. Tanner.
Stephanie: Cut again! What about me? This wedding video's a gift from me, too, you know.
D.J.: OK... I see we're having ego problems here. Let's take it from the top.
["The Making of a Wedding", Take 2:]
Stephanie: Action!
D.J.: D.J. and Stephanie Tanner [who gives a thumbs-up for finally being recognized] present "The Making of a Wedding". It's the night before Valentine's Day, and tomorrow night, Jesse Katsopolis and Rebecca Donaldson are getting married. The Tanner household is buzzing with pre-wedding excitement.
Becky: [dashing by] Jess! Where's Michelle? Michelle! Where's everybody?! [She runs upstairs.]
D.J.: That was the blushing bride-to-be herself. Isn't she radiant? [...]
Michelle: [angrily coming downstairs with a crayon] This better be important, I was coloring!
D.J.: Look, it's the flower girl, Michelle.
Stephanie: Smile, Michelle.
Michelle: Please! No pictures. My hair is a mess.

[Howie sleeps in Michelle's room, but they are not getting along well. And when he threatens to hurt her Barbie, she decides that she has had enough.]
Michelle: This is nuts! I'm outta here. [She grabs her Barbies, pillow, and stuffed pig.]
Howie: What'd I do?
Michelle: Boys! [She leaves the room with her stuff and heads downstairs.]

[The next morning, Jesse is pulling Joey upstairs from the basement.]
Joey: Jess, it's 7:00 in the morning! Where are you taking me?
Jesse: Shhh! Joseph, trust me, this is very important to me.
Joey: Jess, you're getting married in three hours. You are getting married, aren't you?
Jesse: Joseph, come on. I'll explain everything on the way to the airport.
Joey: [whispering] The airport?!
Jesse: Yes. Now, come on! Shhh! [And off they go.]

[Michelle is asleep on the couch, with her stuffed pig behind her head and her Barbies on the coffee table. Danny comes downstairs.]
Danny: Michelle? Michelle, honey, wake up! Have you seen Uncle Jesse?
Michelle: No 'Good morning, Michelle'?
Danny: I'm sorry. Good morning, Michelle. Now, have you seen Uncle Jesse?
Michelle: No good-morning kiss?
Danny: What was I thinking? [kisses her] There. Now, have you seen Uncle Jesse?
Michelle: No, but thank you for asking.
Danny: I knew she was setting me up. [There's a loud knock on the front door.] Jesse? [He opens it up, but...]
Kimmy: Hola, Mr. T.
Danny: Kimmy, I'm going through a major crisis right now.
Kimmy: Hey, we all got problems. D.J.!
Danny: I gotta build a moat.
D.J.: [coming downstairs] Kimmy, what is it?
Kimmy: What should I wear to the wedding: this dress [purple] with these shoes [black] or this dress [blue] with these shoes [white]?
D.J.: Kimmy, those are my clothes.
Kimmy: That's what I'm asking you.

[Stephanie finds a note from Jesse, and D.J. wants her reading it to be included in the video.]
Stephanie: [reading it dramatically] 'Dear family, You must be wondering where I went. I kidnapped Joey. There was one last one thing I had to do before I get married. Jesse.'

[Above the clouds in a small plane...]
Joey: Jess, you're totally out of your mind!
Jesse: I know. I said I'd never get in a plane with you.
Joey: No, I meant skydiving. It's crazy!
Jesse: Joey, people say it's the ultimate rush. I took all the lessons, but I never jumped, 'cause it was too windy. Joseph, I gotta have this one last adventure before I get married.
Joey: Well, do ya have to do this on your wedding day?
Jesse: This is the last hour of my life as a single guy. Soon I'm gonna be married, and have a family with all the responsibilities. What am I gonna do next, jump out of a station wagon?
Joey: Well, you could. But your chute might not open in time.
Jesse: Joseph, look. I have to do this one last crazy thing before I give it all up for the woman that I love.
Joey: Isn't flying with me crazy enough?
Jesse: No.
Joey: How about when I do this? [He takes the plane into a spiral, causing Jesse to scream.]
Jesse: Don't do that! [slaps the back of Joey's head] I got this all planned out: I stashed my Harley, have the tux on, do the jump, hop onto my Harley, cruise the chapel just in time to re-mousse my hair and say 'I do'.
Joey: Great plan. Can I make one little suggestion?
Jesse: What?
Joey: Snap out of it! [He slaps Jesse's head.]

[Everyone (almost) is dressed and ready for the wedding to begin.]
D.J.: [to the camera] This is D.J. Tanner live at the chapel, and there's still no sign of the groom. Dad, how do you feel?
Danny: I feel confident that Jesse will arrive on time... in the next... 18 seconds.
D.J.: Is that why you're not telling Becky what's going on?
Danny: No. That's because – I'm chicken [and he leaves].
D.J.: You heard it here first. Dad is chicken.
Michelle: [arriving through the chapel door] The flower girl is here!
Her sisters: Oooh!
Michelle: I'm ready for the video. My hair looks fantastic.
Stephanie: [videotaping] Do something.
Michelle: Now we'll do my fish face [which she does].

[Joey shows up, and they all ask him about Jesse.]
Becky: Joey, where is he?
Joey: He must've stopped off for a can of mousse.
Becky: Oh, thank goodness.
Joey: Yeah, he forgot it when he jumped out of a plane.
Becky: He jumped out of a plane?!
Joey: It's okay. I took him skydiving. The last I saw him, he was floating safely to the earth.
Becky: [grabbing him by the lapels (shown in the infobox)] You took him skydiving?! Well, then where is he?! What if something happened to him?!
Joey: Don't worry. He said if anything happens, I should marry you myself.
Becky: ...Mom! [She runs into Nedra's arms.]

[Meanwhile, hanging high up in a tree...]
Jesse: Help! Becky, I'm coming! Don't marry Joey! Help! Help!...


In the teaser, Michelle says, "What's a flower girl?" (see Quotes), but in "Luck Be a Lady (Part 2)", she was the flower girl for Jesse and Becky's "first wedding" (that was stopped before they could get married). Maybe she just did not remember it.

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