Season 0, episode 0
Air date
Writer(s) Jeff Franklin
Director Jeff Franklin
Previous none
Next Our Very First Show
Full House Season 1 Unaired "John Posey" Theme Song

Full House Season 1 Unaired "John Posey" Theme Song

The pilot for Full House was never aired, although it is included on the Season 1 DVD as a bonus feature.

The role of Danny Tanner in the pilot is played by John Posey, due to Bob Saget being under contract as a host on CBS' The Morning Program. Saget was the producers' original choice but he was not available to do the pilot.

Jesse Katsopolis' original name was "Jesse Cochran", but John Stamos wanted his character's name to reflect on his Greek culture, so his last name was later changed.

Some other notable differences include:

  • Dave Coulier is credited as David Coulier
  • Richard Correll as the producer
  • The EP credits in the opening (with Franklin's in the dinner scene, and Miller and Boyett's in the zoom-out of the house and in alphabetical order, and no creator credit)
  • The episode credits in a different font and center-aligned (with no producer credits)
  • Logos for Jeff Franklin Productions and Miller-Boyett Productions in white (the former has "Productions" in a different font)
  • Michelle waving goodbye in front of the camera prior to the Lorimar-Telepictures logo

The closing theme song is also vocal, like the opening, which has the show's title all on one line.

The plot of the pilot is essentially the same as the premiere episode, "Our Very First Show".

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